Garnier White Complete Range: Review + Free samples to claim!

Garnier White Complete range has been around for quite sometime now. It consists of a facewash and a cream. It used to come asĀ Garnier Light range but now they have changed the name. I have been testing this range and I am reviewing both the products here.

And if you want to claim a free sample and try this range yourself, there is something for you at the end of this post (#7dayGarnier Challenge) šŸ™‚


Garnier White Complete Fairness Face Wash


garnier white complete face wash review


garnier white complete face wash price


garnier white complete fairness face wash price


Price: Rs 145 for 100g


Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash comes in attractive white and yellow tube packaging with flip cap. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The facewash has a very refreshing citrus smell, but it doesn not linger for long.

The facewash is pearlish white in color with creamy consisitency. It lathersĀ well and leaves the skin squeaky clean after rinsing. I use a little more than pea-size quantity for my face. It doesnot feel heavy or leave any residue behind on the skin and rinses off easily with water. Ā It leaves the skin absolutely clean and fresh and removes every last trace of oil and grime from face. It however felt drying on my already dry skin, but oily skinned beauties will love this facewash.

I remove my eyeliners with oil based removers and therefore I need to wash my face and leftover oil on skin with a good facewash. Garnier White Complete fairnessĀ facewash is perfect for this. The skin feels thoroughly cleansed and refreshed after using this product. This facewash is absolutely perfect forĀ removing makeup, grime and dirt after the long day at work.

I can not comment on the fairness aspect for overall skin tone but it did not help much in my blemishes and pigmentation on cheeks. But I really love this product to cleanse my face after removing makeup.

Iā€™d recommend this facewash to everyone looking for a cleanser to remove every last traces of oil and dirt from skin. Overall, I feel this is an awesome budget friendly product to remove that last trace of oil and grime from the skin and Iā€™d definitely recommend this to everyone!


Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness cream


garnier white complete fairness cream review


garnier white complete fairness cream price


garnier white complete fairness cream swatch


Price: Rs 160 for 40g


This cream claims to provide instant whitening and long lasting fairness. TheĀ skin looks even, feels fresh and moisturized with a natural glow.

Multi Action fairness cream for glowing skin :

1.Instant Whitening ā€“ provides instant whitening
2.Sun Protection with SPF 19 PA+++ ā€“ Protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3.Long Lasting Fairness ā€“ Fairer skin over time with regular usage


My review of Garnier White Complete Multi action Fairness cream

The cream comes in a white opaque tub packaging with screw lid. The packaging is travel friendly but the tub packaging makes it bit unhygienic.Ā Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream has a light whipped texture. It is highly emollient and absorbs completely into the skin without leaving any greasiness. It has refreshing citrus fragrance. The cream hasĀ an instant brightening effect andĀ does not leave any whitish cast on skin.Ā This creamĀ is mattifying and contain SPF 19 PA+++ making it ideal for sultry summer days.

This is a non-oily cream, so girls who need a non-oily moisturizing cream should definitely check this oneĀ out. I have dry skin so I find this cream not nourishing enough, but my brother has oily skin and he loves this!

Overall, if you are looking for non-oily, mattifying day cream with instant brightening effect, do check this one out. I would recommend this more to oily skinned people as dry skinned people like me will need an additional moisturizer over it.


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*Disclaimer: Products sentĀ by brand as part of #7DayGarnierChallenge.



Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub: Review

garnier scrub


I am not a girl with night time routine or day time routine, or any skin care ‘routine’ as such. I am Ā aĀ face wash- moisturizerĀ kind of girl. Anything additional, that too on a daily basis seems too much of burden to me. I apply scrub on my face occasionally when I feel my skin is getting dull. I feel that with my skin already being dry, additional scrubbing and tugging might dry it out even more. But theĀ Garnier Pro active Apricot scrubĀ was a pleasant surprise.


garnier proactive apricot scrub


Garnier Pure Active Exfoliating scrub Review

This scrub comes in a squeeze tube packaging with flip open cap. The cap is sturdy, leak proof and travel friendly. The image of splashing apricot on the tube is cute.

The fragrance isĀ amazing. I dont know exactly how to describe it. Slight fruity, fresh, apricot-y types. But the fragrance does not linger for long.

The scrub is white colored with orange colored apricot seed granules. The texture isĀ very creamy with soft, fineĀ granules of apricot seed which does not feel harsh on skin at all. Of late all the Garnier products I am using are quite creamy. The creamy texture of the scrub feelsĀ just perfect on the skin.

The scrubbing particles are evenly suspended and does not feel abrasive. This scrub cleanses well leaving the skin fresh, soft and clear. This scrub does not leave the skin dry like other scrubs but I still feel the need to apply a moisturiser. I don’t have blackheads, but as this is not a heavy duty scrub, it may not remove blackheads that effectively.

Price: Rs 70 for 50gĀ 


garnier scrub price


garnier scrub review


garnier apricot scrub


Overall, this is a great budget scrub for dry skinned beauties. It exfoliates pretty well without making the skin dry and isĀ easy on pocket. TheĀ amazingĀ fragrance is an added bonus. But this is mild scrub and may not be that effective on blackheads.



*Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for review.

Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice lip balm- Review

Forest Essentials lip balm

For one thing, I keep ‘orange-y’ things at bay- be it a flavor in food or a fragrance. I don’t know why. The Orange candies we used to eat when we were kids, yeah I hated it. Rasna Orange? No thanks. Although I’m a big fan of this color in fashion/beauty. Now Narangi is the elder sister of orange. When I went to the store and sniffed this balm, one word describes it- AMAZING. Now you see, you enter Forest Essentials store, it is already a heaven for your olfactory senses. But more than the smell, the USP of this product lies in its packaging. Classy is the word. I am a sucker for cute packaging. In fact, there were two variants- one without the mirror (which was cheaper btw), they called it ‘for men’ and another one which I bought-‘for women’. I asked the SA about the difference in quality or quantity, there was no difference whatsoever. Only the mirror makes it “feminine”.Ā  But now the variant without the mirror has been discontinued.

Forest essentials lip balm

Okay so I’ll talk about the different aspects one by one.

1. Fragrance

True to its name. Sweet narangi. The fragrance is not overpowering. It fades after about 1 hour.

2. Packaging

Forest essentials lip balm

Super gorgeous, super classy packaging.It comes in a hexagonal cardboard box with black foam inside which holds the lip balm snugly. It has an in-built mirror like there is in blushes, compacts etc. Really helpful when you’re on the go. Plus the sleek packaging makes sure it fits in your purse or jeans pocket. Only gripe is that since it is a tub packaging, you have to take it out using your fingers. Some may find it unhygienic but it works for me. I scrape it out with my nail and then apply it.

3. Quantity

5 g product.

Forest essentials lip balm

4. Quality

The lip balm is yellow in pan but colorless when applied. Ā This is the lightest lip balm my lips have ever touched.The consistency is likeĀ ghee,Ā but much better.Ā Unlike the waxy lip balms (the likes of Vaseline), this lip balm is feathery light. You apply it and after sometime you forget you applied something. It doesn’t feel heavy AT ALL. It instantly makes the lips super soft and leaves a glossy finish.

Forest essentials sweet narangi

It fades after around 2 hours on my lips. I don’t have chapped lips so I cannot comment on that.

Now the main reason I picked this cute piece of pricey balm is that it works on Lip Pigmentation. Yes. My lips got pigmented after I used Maybelline Color bloom for a couple of weeks. I don’t use lipsticks or lip gloss, so I’m not talking heavy pigmentation. But whatever moderate pigmentation I had, this baby is taking care of it.

5. Price

Expensive! 495 bucks for a lip balm, that too just 5 g product. Mine is getting finished so quick šŸ˜¦

The other variant which is now discontinued in stores was for Rs. 375.

I think they have hiked the price now. Their online site is showing Rs. 595.

Will I repurchase?

Hell yeah! But I wish they hadn’t discontinued the cheaper variant. I was planning on buying that, now that my fancy for cute packaging has been curbed šŸ˜‰

Overall Verdict: A+


Blossom šŸ™‚