Valentine’s day Nail art – Part 3

valentine nail art


I am back with another Valentine nail art. You can check part 1 and 2 HERE and HERE

Since valentine’s is all about love and love involves hearts, I painted big hearts on all my nails.

Plus my nails were short so I couldn’t draw anything else 😀

I wanted to keep the base dark so I chose red color (color of love). You can choose any color of your choice.

All you need to do for this nail art is:

1. Paint your base color

2. Make a rough heart like shape. I draw my hearts directly using the nail polish brush. For reference, you can see a tutorial on easy way to draw hearts.

heart nails


3. Using a black nail art pen or a thin brush, draw the outlines of hearts using black polish

valentines day nail art


And Tadaaa…. You have cute hearts sitting on your nails 🙂

The Red nailpolish I used is Colorbar Pro nail lacquer in shade ‘Rosie’

White one is NYC In a minute quick dry nail polish in shade ‘Blanco 032’

I recommend using a fast drying polish for outline. Otherwise if it smudges, the whole look will get ruined.


cute hearts nail art





Smiley nails :)

It has been a long time when I last had long nails. Damn you Splittting and breakage! But then I cannot wait for it to grow to updo my nails now can I? So I decided to paint my short nails. I was thinking what would look good on such short nails. Marbling?- Nah, French tips?-need longer nails for that, Polka dots- well maybe but I wanted to do something different. And that’s when I saw my smiley earrings.  I had been thinking about doing a mani on smiley nails for a long time. And this was the perfect time. So I finally had smiles on my nails 🙂

Smiling nails 🙂

 Smile on ring finger got a little distorted. 😦

Smileys look good on shorter nails, don’t you think?

Smileys like these speak oodles of positiveness and optimism to me. Like sunshine. Don’t you think? Ooh sunshine- interesting theme to work on for next mani. 🙂

And here are my smiling earrings which inspired me.

Hope you find it useful.


Blossom 🙂

Black and White nail art

Hello Girlies,

I was a novice at nail art (still am) when I got hooked to colorful, bright nails with beautiful nail designs. I used to get ideas about the designs online through others’ blogs. Here, I hope the likes of my kind may find something useful.

                                             (Please ignore the chipping)

This is not the kinda nail art I usually  do as its very time-consuming. But when you’re down with fever & weakness in chilly winters and you have nothing to do except to lie down in blanket whole day,you’ve got to kill the time somehow. And this is what I did. Black and White zebra nails 🙂

I did not use any nail art tools but only scotch tape. I must tell you it is really a pain to cut the scotch tape this thin.

Plus I used the bad nail paints which chipped badly (as can be seen from the pics) and took so much time to dry.

Anyhoo, I give you girls an idea about the designs that you can try on your nails.

The pics were taken 4-5 days after I did this nail art. Plus I should have used a top coat. But am too lazy and the bad quality of nail polish (which took toooo long to dry) drained all my energy.

I hope you find it useful.


Blossom 🙂