Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation Lipstick: Swatches & Review


Maybelline Lip Gradation lip color is hands down my favorite matte formula. Lip gradation range is around for sometime and I have 3 shades with me which I am reviewing in this post- Pink 1, Pink 2, Red 1.


Price: Rs 500 for 1.25 g


Maybelline Lip Gradation Lip color Review

Maybelline Lip gradation lipstick come in swivel up retractable crayon packaging with color coded body. It has lipstick at one end and sponge smudger at the other end. The cap for lipstick end is black colored and smudger lid is translucent black color. The lipstick is smaller in width than normal lipsticks and thicker than lip liners, so it is quite convenient and easy to use especially around edges and corners. The twisting mechanism for swivelling action is at the smudger end and not on the body. The shade name is stickered on the smudger cap and manufacturing date is engraved on the body (below the logo).

Maybelline lip gradation lipstick is super smooth and glides like butter on the lips. It is non-drying and applies like a dream. The pigmentation is phenomenal and gives opaque coverage in single swipe. The texture of these lipstick is powdery and different from any other matte lipsticks I have tried. This lipstick is very comfortable to wear. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips after a few hours, but this lipstick neither dries, nor hydrates the lips. This lipstick feels creamy to apply but settles to a perfect matte finish.

When this lipstick came out, Korean gradient lips were in trend and the smudger helps to achieve the look, where maximum intensity of color is at the centre of the lips and the intensity fades out along the edges. I, personally, was never a fan of that trend. The smudger, however, does a great job in blurring and fading the pigmentation.

This lipstick lasts very long. Even after meals, this lipstick stays put and fades only slightly from the inner rims. The pigmentation and color stays intact for a good 7-8 hours! Even after that it leaves a beautiful strong stain. This lipstick doesnot emphasizes dry bits of lips like other matte lipsticks usually do. It doesnot transfer much and does not settle into fine lines.

Everything one wants in a matte lipstick, Maybelline Lip gradation has it!

Only con I could think of is the quantity. The quantity is less than other lipsticks and so it will finish up early.

Pink 1 : soft pink color with warm tones. Perfect shade for summers. This shade will suit fair to medium skintones.

Pink 2 : deep pink color with warm tones. This shade will suit all skintones.

Red 1 : Brick red color with hints of brown. This is a mature shade and perfect for gifting to your mom. This shade will suit all skintones.











Pink 1


Pink 2


Red 1


 Pink 1


Pink 2 (top swatch is smudged)


Red 1


Overall, Maybelline Lip gradation lipsticks come in twist up crayon packaging with smudger at one end. The lipstick bullet is slimmer than other lipsticks and thicker than lip liners, so this is quite easy to use especially around edges and corners. The smudger is decent and fades/ blurs the color beautifully. This lipstick is non drying and super comfortable on the lips.  The pigmentation and longevity is the best among all matte lipsticks I have tried. It stays put for 7-8 hours and leaves a strong stain after that. Doesn’t budge even after meals. Pink 1 is a beautiful soft pink color which will suit fair to medium skin tones. Pink 2 is deeper pink color which will suit all skin tones. Red 1 is beautiful brick red color with brown tones which is perfect for mature ladies and will suit all skintones.

These are hands down the best matte lipsticks in this price range. I highly highly recommend these!

xoxo, Blossom




Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense Lip Paint ~ Vamp Red & You Red-Me : Review, Swatch

Price: Rs 450 for 5 ml


 Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense Lip Paint Review

Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense Lip Paint come in an interesting tube packaging with squeeze applicator. The screw cap for applicator is matte black and looks chic. The applicator is slanted and applies to corners and outlines easily. The applicator is perfectly shaped so there is no need of using a brush while applying these. The tube is tiny and can fit anywhere. With this applicator, these lipsticks can be applied as stain, or as full fledged lipstick. The lip paint tubes are color coded so they are easy to sort if you have multiple shades. These lipsticks apply creamy/ glossy but becomes matte after blotting or transferring while eating/drinking. Once they become matte, they leave a gorgeous long lasting color which look like a proper lipstick. These feel moisturizing  and do not make the lips dry. These are super comfortable to wear. The mattified lipstick  easily lasts 7-8 hours on me after which it leaves a beautiful even stain. The stain sits on the lips until removed by a makeup remover.

When freshly applied, these will transfer to anything your lips even barely touch. That is because they are glossy when applied. But even after mattifying these lipsticks still transfer a little bit.

Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense Lip Paint have fruity smell which reminds me of tutti fruity 😀

The pigmentation of these lip paints is amazing. It can be applied like a stain with the product on applicator only without squeezing out the actual lipstick. The intensity of color is buildable. I have swatched these lipsticks with full color and intensity. These are super long lasting and you should consider this as they are super comfortable on lips and can be applied creamy as well as matte. These lipstick apply evenly and do not settle into fine lines.


05 You Red-Me is a beautiful pinkish red color with creamy finish. When freshly applied it looks more red but settles to a pinkish stain after going matte. This shade is more glossy than Vamp Red.

06 Vamp Red is deep red in color. When freshly applied, it looks a little maroonish red (oxblood red) but settles to cherry red stain after mattifying.
















Overall,Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense Lip Paint is creamy and glossy to apply but becomes matte after transfer/ blotting. Once matte, the lipstick doesnot budge and color stays for 8 hours. The lipstick feels comfortable on lips. The pigmentation is amazing and it can be applied as stain or full intense lipstick. The tube packaging is attractive and can fit in jeans pocket if you don’t like to carry bags. The applicator is perfect and applies to corners and outlines easily.  Shade 06 Vamp Red is deep red, almost oxblood like when freshly applied but settles to cherry red color after mattifying. Shade 05 You Red-Me is pinkish red on application but goes almost pink after mattifying. The shades will suit all skin tones. You should consider these lip paints if you are looking for long wearing lipsticks.

xoxo, Blossom