Kiko Nail Lacquer ~ 497 Pearly Indian Violet: Review & Swatch


Kiko is slowly becoming my favorite nailpolish brand. A visit to the Kiko Milano store means addition of at least 3-4 nailpolish in my stash. You can see my recent Kiko haul post, which mainly comprised of nailpolishes. The testers for the nailpolish makes it so much easy for the customers to try before buying a shade (something Indian brands should learn!). Price wise, these are super affordable (at par with Indian brands) but so much better in quality. Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer in shade 497 (Pearly Indian Violet) is the first nailpolish I put my eyes on and boy! what a gorgeous color it is. Gorgeous word is an understatement. I am head over heels in love with this shade.


Price: Rs 290 for 11 ml


Kiko Nail Lacquer 497 Pearly Indian Violet Review

This range of Kiko nail polish comes in a no-fuss cuboidal packaging with matte black cap. The shade number and other details are at the back in sticker leaflet (which has 6 pages btw!). Kiko doesnot have names to its shades,but only numbers. I picked the shade name for this nailpolish from its official website. The brush is long and decent. It picks enough nailpolish for one coat application. This range of Kiko nail lacquer is a good value for money with a WIDE range of color selection. This range probably has every color which you fancy.

Kiko Nail lacquer 497 Pearly Indian Violet is a BEAUTIFUL  eggplant purple color in a blue base. It looks like purple ink color with beautiful blue and burgundy shimmer.  The burgundy shimmer is more profound under natural sunlight or yellow light.  The formula and pigmentation is excellent and  1-2 coats are needed are full opacity.  Kiko nail polishes are quick drying and you don’t have to wait much before applying coats (if you apply thin coats). I tried to wear this nailpolish matted to bring out the shimmer in matte version but sadly adding a matte coat ruins the beautiful color as the shimmer is almost nonvisible after mattifying. The red shimmer is more visible in the bottle than on the nails.

Kiko nail polishes stay fairly long and I could see only a slight tip wear after 3 days (which normally starts next day itself with other nail polishes). Proper chipping started after 6-7 days which is impressive! This nailpolish has dark blue as base color which may cause staining of the nails so make sure to apply base coat underneath. Moreover, the sticker leaflet on the bottle also recommends to wear it with a base coat.

Kiko nail lacquer shade 497 (Pearly Indian Violet) is said to be a close dupe of Chanel Taboo.










Overall, I am in love with Kiko nailpolishes. This brand has become my absolute fav.  From color, to the quality, to the wear time, to the price, this nailpolish is a amazing. Shade 497 Pearly Indian Violet is a gorgeous eggplant color with blue and burgundy shimmer. The microshimmer adds depth to the overall color which looks absolutely stunning. The reddish shimmer is more visible in natural sunlight. This is a perfect Fall color and if you love to wear such deep colors, definitely check this one. This is already my fav shade and I am so glad I bought it. This shade 497 is a dupe for Chanel Taboo.

xoxo, Blossom


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Also, check another beautiful shade from Kiko Milano – 512 (Pearly Ocean)  HERE.

Kiko Milano Haul

This haul post from Kiko Milano was loooong overdue and some of the purchases were done last year when the store first opened in Delhi.

Kiko Milano store in Delhi is pretty big (compared to other makeup stores) with a HUGE range of makeup, be it lipsticks or nailpolish or eye makeup or skincare. The best thing about the store is that almost all the makeup has testers, even the nailpolish! Indian brands do not keep testers for nailpolish (except Chambor).  The price range for almost all the makeup is wide, starting from affordable to mid-expensive. Plus, the stores in India are in line with the new launches internationally.

So here are the things I picked:

  • Kiko Nail lacquer:  This is the first section I check out when I visit the store. The wide selection of colors look gorgeous on the display. Plus tester for every shade meant I HAD to buy a couple of these. And I obviously could not restrain myself 😛 The shades I picked are: 521, 479, 493, 530, 497, 298, 504, 277, 226, 335, 261, 357. You can check swatch of some of the shades I have worn on my Instagram. Full fledged reviews are coming soon.
  • Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer in shade 073
  • Kiko Glitter Metal Nail Lacquer in shade 002
  • Kiko Perfect Gel Duo (Nail lacquer+ top coat) shade 671
  • Kiko Glossamer Emotion Lipstick shade 111
  • Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick shade 311
  • Kiko Longwear Lasting Color Lip marker (not in pic): shade 105
  • Kiko Smart Eye pencil  (not in pic) shade 800






xoxo, Blossom