Floral nails

I love Florals, be it floral dresses or floral accessories. And Floral nails are one of my favorite when it comes to nail art. Plus they are pretty easy to do.

Though I named it floral but the green base color makes it look more ‘garden inspired‘…no? 😀

Excuse the chipping. The pics were taken 4-5 days after i put this nail art on.

I don’t know why my fingers are glowing. Blame the Delhi Metro lighting. 😛

You can make more than one flower on each nail but then the size of each flower will reduce.

Tip:  Do not use a super fast drying nail polish for making  the flower petals in this nail art.

Tools used: just a toothpick! Tutorial coming soon 🙂

(Edit: For Tutorial on this nail art, visit HERE )

Hope you find it useful.


Blossom 🙂