Leaf nail art – Stamping # 3






These are the products used:

Base color – LYN nail enamel in shade ‘Keen on this green’

Stamping plate – Born Pretty L-015, Zjoy- 001 on ring finger

Stamping polish – Born Pretty

Stamp – Born Pretty Clear Jelly Stamper

Top coat – Born Pretty top coat



xoxo, Blossom 🙂

Color Block Nail art

colorful nail art

Hi everyone

First of all… Happy newww year 🙂  I know I am almost a month late in wishing but better late than never, right?

So I thought of starting with this year on a rather colorful note. So here it is- *drumrolls* The Color Block nail art 

Actually I did this nail art long back but somehow never posted it here. This nail art is inspired from the pic HERE. I kept the color combinations same as this is a vibrant combination and I wanted to keep it bright and colorful.

colorblock nails


 This is a very simple nail art. All you need is a few colorful nailpolish, a black polish and a striping brush.

And if you don’t have a striping brush just grab an old nailpolish brush and trim it with scissors. You can also use a nail art pen if you have one.

You don’t have to be perfect while applying the basic colors. The black outline will hide the imperfect boundaries of the different colors 🙂


color block nail art

I have done color block nail art before as well.. check it HERE.


colorful nails

Nailpolishes used:

Red:  Colorbar Pro Nail Lacquer – Rosie

Mint:  Maybelline colorama – Absinto

Yellow:  Flormar Supershine – 41 (also used in THIS nailart)





Polka dots nail art

colorful polka dots

POLKAAAAAA DOOOOOOOOTS……make me so happy. I like polka dots everywhere- be it polka dots dress, polka dot accessories, polka dot home decor…I would sooo love to have a polka dot wall in my home. Now Polka dots is my favorite nail art for 3 reasons.

1. It doesnot take long to do. Keep your polishes ready and it wont take more than 5 mins.

2. Doesn’t require precision. Just dot randomly and you are done

3. It prettify your nails so much 🙂

You can see my love for Polka dots HERE ,HERE, HERE and HERE And many more will come eventually.. hihihi

I did this nail art a while ago. White is such a versatile color. You can paint just anything on it, like an empty canvas. Plus white makes other colors pop.

polka dots nail art

Like I said, this nail art doesnt require much precision. I have made the dots directly from the nail polish brush. No special tools used. That is why my dots are not perfect round.

colorful polka dots nail art

 Grab as many colors as you want and start dotting. No need to make it uniform.

multicolor polka dots

Happy Painting 🙂



Polka dots

Polka dots is the retro-est nail art there can ever be. You say Polka dots and the old Bollywood songs flash in front of your eyes where the actress wore polka dotted dresses and matching hairbands.

This is one of the easiest and the least time-consuming of all nail art. Also, one of my favorites.

green polka-2

I wanted to wear mint color and later decided for glittery black dots.

green polka-3

I have done a similar nail art before. Check it HERE

green polka-4

No dotting tools were used. The dots were made using a toothpick.

The mint green polish used here is Maybelline colorama in shade ‘Absinto’.

The dots are made using Colorbar nail polish in shade ‘Night Fiery’.

Happy painting girls 🙂



Green Stripes nail art

I have been wanting to do a stripes nail art for a long time. And finally when I sat down to do one, my patience level didn’t allow me to paint on all 10 fingers. So, I made it an Accent nail art.

Green accent nail art-1

I did a simple French tip on rest fingers.

Green stripes nail art-2

Now, after a few days the French tips started to chip away while the accent nail was still sitting pretty. So I thought of re-doing my nail art.

And another Accent nail art is what we did. It came out even better than the previous one 😀

Green accent nail art-6

I have got to start applying a Top coat. x-(

Green accent nail art-5

Anyhoo, its still pretty.

The red can be applied again as long as the accent nail remain intact. =D

The green nail polish used here is Faces nail enamel in shade ‘Forest Green 09’ 

Red nail polish is Colorbar Pro Nail Lacquer in shade ‘Rosie 015’ 


Blossom 🙂

Floral nails

I love Florals, be it floral dresses or floral accessories. And Floral nails are one of my favorite when it comes to nail art. Plus they are pretty easy to do.

Though I named it floral but the green base color makes it look more ‘garden inspired‘…no? 😀

Excuse the chipping. The pics were taken 4-5 days after i put this nail art on.

I don’t know why my fingers are glowing. Blame the Delhi Metro lighting. 😛

You can make more than one flower on each nail but then the size of each flower will reduce.

Tip:  Do not use a super fast drying nail polish for making  the flower petals in this nail art.

Tools used: just a toothpick! Tutorial coming soon 🙂

(Edit: For Tutorial on this nail art, visit HERE )

Hope you find it useful.


Blossom 🙂