Nail Art: Floral


It has been a while since I posted a nail art, and this one has been sitting in my folder for sooo long. This is an easy peasy floral nail art.

I chose the color pink, but you can pair it with any color of your choice.  This is one of my go-to nail art when I dont want to spend much time doing it. All you need to do this nail art is a dotting tool/ bobby pin/ tooth pick and your choice of nail polish. I like to do my dots using a tooth pick as it gives more uniform dots.

Do try this nail art and link back if you like 🙂

You can check my other floral nai art HERE


Tutorial: Floral nails

Hello lovelies,

Its Tutorial time!! I bring to you another easy peasy tutorial. Remember the Floral nails I did HERE. This the tutorial for same.

Things you need

  • Nail polish of your choice for petals (*I prefer white or pink*)
  • Yellow/ brown nail polish for the center portion
  • Toothpick

Apply your base color and let’s get started!

Step 1

Place a dot on your nail using the back of toothpick.

floral nails 1

Step 2

Make 4 more dots adjacent to it to make the petals.

floral nails 2

Step 3

Using the ‘pointy’ end of toothpick, drag the nail polish from the middle of the petal towards the center of flower.

It will look something like this.

floral nails 3

Step 4

Do this for all 5 petals.

The center portion looks messy but  it’ll cover up in the next step.

floral nails 4

Step 5

Using yellow/ brown nailpolish place a dot in the center of flower.

floral nails 5

Tadaaa…. Floral nail art done!

floral nails 6

Remember NOT to use a super fast drying nail polish for making the petals.

Happy painting girls 🙂



Floral nails

I love Florals, be it floral dresses or floral accessories. And Floral nails are one of my favorite when it comes to nail art. Plus they are pretty easy to do.

Though I named it floral but the green base color makes it look more ‘garden inspired‘…no? 😀

Excuse the chipping. The pics were taken 4-5 days after i put this nail art on.

I don’t know why my fingers are glowing. Blame the Delhi Metro lighting. 😛

You can make more than one flower on each nail but then the size of each flower will reduce.

Tip:  Do not use a super fast drying nail polish for making  the flower petals in this nail art.

Tools used: just a toothpick! Tutorial coming soon 🙂

(Edit: For Tutorial on this nail art, visit HERE )

Hope you find it useful.


Blossom 🙂