20 Holi Tips for Skin and Hair

Holi tips for skin and hair

Holi is here!!! I get very excited when the festival of colors is around. Holi is famous for two things: Color and gujiyas. I have a sweet tooth and homemade gujiyas  are always so tempting, specially the ones made by my mother.Totally mouth-watering. Anyways, coming to the point, Holi colors have harmful chemicals which may harm the skin. And we should use herbal gulals and colors… Duh!  Everyone knows this girl…  But what to do when the person applying color on you is not using one?  How to prevent your skin from getting stained?  To not look like a canvas for modern art with colorful blotches scattered on your face,  protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of the holi colors by following these tips:

1. First and foremost, never step out to play Holi without smearing your exposed areas with a thick layer of coconut oil/ olive oil/vaseline. (This is my savior every year)

2. Wear long sleeved clothes and full length bottoms.

3. Wear sunscreen. I have noticed my skin getting more tanned on Holi.

4.  Oil your hair generously. It gives the hair a protective covering and shields it from harmful chemicals, dust and dirt.It will also help the colors come off easily later.

5. Cover your head with a bandana, scarf or a cap.

6. Tie up your hair. Tying up gives lesser area of your head to be exposed to colors giving an added advantage to have lesser stains to worry about.

7. Wear cotton clothes. Synthetics will become sticky and body hugging  and denims will be heavy once you have a bucket full of water splashed on you

8. Apply lip balm or vaseline on your lips.

9. Apply nail polish or multiple coats of clear topcoat on your nails to avoid getting your nails stained.

10. Never wear contact lenses while playing Holi. Never ever! The color can come between your eye and lens which can prove very harmful.

11. Apply some oil behind the ears, on earlobes and under the nails, as these are the ignored areas and the color tends to settle here.

12. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from a misfire of color filled darts or water jets.

13. Try to wash off the colors while wet. The earliest, the better. For once if the colors dry, it becomes a bit difficult to get rid of them easily

14. Keep a calamine lotion ready in case of an allergy.

15. If possible, wear socks to keep your heels protected.

16. Stay away from bleaching or highlighting your hair before Holi. The colors can turn the hair a totally unwanted pink, green or purple.

17. Don’t sit in sunlight after playing Holi. The colors on exposure to sunlight may harm the skin even  more.

18.  Don’t get a facial done up to a week before Holi. Facials tend to make skin more sensitive setting you up for inflammation.

19. Always clean your face with a cleansing milk or lotion with a cotton wool after playing with colors. Never wash your face with harsh soaps.

20. And the most important, DO NOT drive if you are high on alcohol or bhang.

Stay safe and enjoy. Have a Happy and Colorful Holi!

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Holi tips for skin


Blossom 🙂



5 DIY Nail Art Hacks

#1 Do it yourself Dotting tool

Take a paper pin and stick it in pencil eraser. It will make uniform dots in your nail arts.



#2 Use band aid for the perfect French tips



#3 Erase smudges using a q-tip dipped in nailpolish remover



#4 Use an old eyeliner brush to create stripes 



#5 Use Scotch tape for crisp lines


Hope you find it useful


Blossom 🙂

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5 Tips for Stylish Holi

Holi is hereeeee!!!! I lurve this festival.  The colorful hues everywhere, a merriment, celebrations in the air, delicious savories to gorge on… what is NOT to love?? Getting wet in buckets of water splashed on you, small children aiming water balloons at you (though I don’t appreciate it.. you hear that neighbourood children..?), friends and relatives applying colors… The festival sure has some quirk. So while you go out and play holi this year (for which you MUST see THIS post in order to save your hair and skin) follow these tips to stay fashionable and trendy.

1. Wear your hair high up in bun or a french braid. Looks great and very stylish. You can keep your hair down another day if you don’t want your evening spent in washing your hair twice, thrice, even four-five times (True story.. That happened to me!!)

2. Oversized sunglasses will look uber cool whilst protecting your eyes from a misfire of water jets and the colors. Plus it will protect your eyes from harmful UV sun rays.

3. Keep your jewellery minimum. Keep it to one statement piece. I personally like big hoop jhumkis. They add a traditional touch to your overall outfit.

4. Color block. This trend has been in for a long time now. Wear a dark top with a light colored bottom, or a light top with dark bottom.

5. Color ’em paws. Paint your nails with a dark polish. Nail arts won’t be appreciated in a riot of colors, so keep it simple girls. But do choose a dark color to prevent your nails from staining with the holi colors.

And last but not the least, sing along “Balam pichkaari jo tune mujhe maari, to seedhi saadhi chhori sharaabi ho gai” 😀

Youtube link HERE

Hope you have a colorful, stylish and a fun-filled Holi 🙂


Blossom 🙂

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How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow


Don’t we all hate it when our favorite little colored treasures are crumbled into pieces. Not only it breaks our heart, it also ruin other colors present in the palette. Well worry not sweets,  I tell you a quick way to  fix this.

Things you will need:

– Zip lock pouch/ any clear polythene piece

– Toothpick

– Spoon

– Hand sanitizers/vodka/ rubbing alcohol (I used 70% ethyl alcohol as I have easy access)

– Some tissues to clear the mess

1. Take the broken eyeshadow and empty the contents onto the clear polythene with the help of toothpick. It is better to take the pan out if it is present in a palette.

2. Fold the polythene piece and crush the eyeshadow into powder. Don’t worry messing the crumbled eyeshadow even more. It will only get better in the end.

3. Add a few drops of alcohol to this powder to get a thick paste. Remember not to make it too dilute. The consistency should be thick.

4. Transfer the eyeshadow paste back into the pan with the help of the back end of a spoon.

5. Flatten the top portion or leave it as it is.

6. Let it dry for a few hours until it gets all solid and the alcohol smell goes away.

7. You can flatten it even more using a coin wrapped in fabric.

Tadaa!! Our favorite eyeshadow as good as new 🙂

This method can also be used to fix a broken blush, bronzer or a compact powder.

Hope you find this useful.


Blossom 🙂

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5 Ways to Apply Kohl

Kohl or Kajal is a staple for all Indian women. Our eyes are our best feature. In our teenage years when we girls start taking interest in makeup, it often starts with a kohl and a  gloss. I tell you here the many ways you can line your eyes for various occasions based on how strongly you want to highlight your eyes.

1. The ‘Barely there’ look

thin kajal rimmed eyes

When Kajal is applied in this way, it defines your eyes. I know some girls who don’t like a jet black, and ‘too obvious’ looking kohl. If you fall in the same category, this look is for you. Yes, ex-roommate I am talking to you!

To apply the kohl in this way, tug your lower lashline down and line it on the inner side, the waterline. Keep it within the lash line.

It is also applied this way when you are lining your upper lash line heavily and don’t want the smokey look.

2.The Evenly thick look

thick eyes

This is the everyday look for me, as well as many Indian women. For this, line your waterline and apply it evenly onto the lash line as well. This look makes the eyes appear bigger. Don’t make the line too thick.

3. Cat eye


This is for the bold ones.  For this, extend your kohl upwards while lining your lower lashline. Looks dramatic. Suitable for parties.

4. The Smudged look


This is the softer version of ‘Evenly thick’. Apply kohl on your waterline and smudge the same on your lashline. Do not apply it directly.  I use a Q-tip to smudge it. You can use a smudger or the applicator that comes with most eyeshadow palettes. This look is used when you want to go the girly and fresh way.

5. Gothic look


This is the boldest of all. For gothic look, line your lower lash line with a thick line of  kohl. Make sure, it is a smudge proof one. You don’t want those panda eyes.  This look is best when you want your eyes to make the statement. Also used in most smokey eye makeup.

Useful tip: To prevent Kajal from bleeding and smudging, apply some compact or pressed powder just below the line of your kajal. You can also set it with a black eyeshadow.

I’ll tell you the different ways for applying Kohl for different eye shapes in another post. Stay tuned 🙂



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