The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

This is my first purchase from the ‘Hair’ section of The Body Shop. I sniffed this product in one of my impromptu visits to the store and I HAD to buy it. Read how it fared on my thin, wavy and frizz prone hair.



Price: Rs 795 for 250 ml (each for shampoo and conditioner)


The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner come in a round bottle with black flip open cap. The bottle is transparent which allows to look at the product left in the bottle. The cap shuts tight and the packaging is spill proof and travel friendly.

The fragrance is insane! It smells amazingly of banana. Like a banana dessert.ย  If only the product itself was as good as the fragrance.

The shampoo is pearly yellow in color and slightly runny in texture. It lathers well and cleanses hair well. It is parabens and sulphates free and not tested on animals. However, it makes my hair very dry and more prone to tangles which led to massive hairfall, especially while shampooing. I disliked the shampoo so much that I was so relieved when I finished the bottle!

The conditioner is more bright yellow in color and slightly thick in consistency. The thick consistency of the conditioner makes it a pain to squeeze when the bottle starts getting half empty. For this purpose, I used to store the bottle upside down so it can be squeezed out easily.ย  It spreads easily and does its job decently. It did make the hair a little better after shampoo, still it didn’t provide enough to make my hair silky smooth (like THIS conditioner did). The conditioner is still better than the shampoo but I would still skip repurchasing it, no matter how delicious it smells.









Overall, The Body Shop Banana shampoo and conditioner are okay but not great for my hair type- thin, wavy, frizz prone. It may work for other hair types though. The shampoo cleanses well but makes my hair very dry and tangle prone. Banana conditioner is still better than the shampoo but it doesnt make my hair silky smooth and I still feel the need to apply an additional leave on conditioner/serum on my hair. The only good thing I could find with The Body Shop Banana range is that it is parabens and sulphates free. Also, it smells heavenly and so delicious that you could eat it. Don’t though! ๐Ÿ˜€

xoxo,ย Blossom

The Body Shop Moringa Softening Body Milk Review

I LOVE The Body Shop products and this time I tried the Moringa Softening body lotion. Read on to know how it fared on my dry skin.

Price: Rs 750 for 250 ml

Discounted price: Rs 575 for 250 ml


The Body Shop Moringa Softening Body milk review

The Body Shop Moringa body milk comes in a plastic transparent bottle with black colored spray nozzle. ย The transparent bottle makes it easier to know the amount of product left in the bottle. The spray pump has a black cap making it easy and spill proof to carry. The ingredients list and other details is written at the back of the bottle.

TBS Moringa body milk is a light weight, cream colored lotion with runny consistency. The thin consistency helps in proper spraying. It has an amazing floral fragrance which is light and not overpowering. The smell lingers on for few minutes before dissipating. TBS Moringa body milk is easy to spread and absorb. It doesnot feel sticky like some other variants of The Body Shop lotions (I am looking at you, Strawberry Puree lotion). However, I feel it was bit low on moisturizing on my dry skin and I would definitely need something richer for winters. However, it was just okay for summers, providing enough hydration to the skin to not feel uncomfortable.

Now coming to the packaging, I am not a fan of spray moisturizers and TBS Moringa spray nozzle felt bit hard to use and doesn’t spray effortlessly. You have to put in some effort to spray the lotion directly on the skin. So I had to spray the lotion on my hands and then spread it on my skin. And while spraying on the hands works fine, it feels unnecessary to have spray pump especially when the lotion is so liquidy that it can be directly poured from the bottle. Plus it needs 3-4 pumps of the spray nozzle to cover one hand, which might be an issue ย if you are short on time.

If you are looking for a face lotion, I HIGHLY recommend THIS product





Overall, this a lightweight lotion with amazing floral fragrance. It ย gets absorbed well and doesnot leave any stickiness on the skin. But I would probably not repurchase this as I find this bit low on hydration for my dry skin. The spray mechanism feels luxurious but honestly it is not my type. I prefer simple pump dispenser/ no dispenser at all. Also the spray mechanism is quite an effort to use. But I would definitely suggest this to oily skinned people who need a bit of moisturization especially in winter months. Also, these are available at reduced prices at the moment, but for the MRP printed on the bottle, I find this a little expensive. This is a perfect body lotion for hot and humid days when you want just enough hydration minus the feeling of heaviness. This is not a MUST TRY product but oily skinned people should check this out.ย 

ย xoxo, Blossom