Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum 24 Karat Gold Review

Forest Essentials is my Holy Grail skincare brand and I cannot say it enough! I was not big on Ayurvedic formulations for skincare as I always thought it is messy and smelly but Forest Essentials has changed the game entirely. One sniff of its products and you will float on clouds heading towards heaven. I have tried a few Forest Essentials products and none have disappointed me… (Well.. except for one, which was from Men’s collection actually… But that’s a post for another day). So I was on splurging mode when I bought this beauty home. Read on to know how it fared on my dry skin.  

Price: Rs 3795 for 25 ml

Shelf life: 3 years


Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum 24 Karat Gold Review

Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum comes in similar packaging as their Day lotion (which is also my most fav summer moisturizer, reviewed HERE). It comes in cuboidal gold colored plastic packaging with gold colored cap. It has pump dispenser which pumps just the right amount of product. The bottle is sturdy, light weight and easy to travel with. However, the packaging is opaque which doesnot let you know how much product is left inside the bottle. Although, the pump dispenser is removable and can be opened to check the amount of product. All Forest Essentials products scream luxury and this product is no different. The bottle comes in cardboard packaging with all the necessary details. Since it contains 24 karat gold, the Soundarya range of Forest Essentials comes with a picture of Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) sitting on lotus flower, which looks attractive and promising TBH. The consistency of the serum is exactly like an oil. This is basically a facial oil disguised in the form of serum. It is saffron colored which doesnot impart any color on skin after applying. The smell is diviiiiiiiine you guys. I know i say it for all Forest Essentials products, but you gotto gotto got to sniff this one for sure. It smells wonderfully of sesame, liquorice, sandalwood and saffron. Being an oil, it does make skin oily and doesnot absorb instantly. 1-1 .5 pumps of product is sufficient to cover my entire face and spread it properly. But I don’t like the oily feeling which lingers for atleast a couple of minutes as oil takes sometime to absorb, so I asked the SA if there’s any other way this product can be used, and he suggested to mix it with Forest Essentials Aloe Water (Mini review HERE) on the palm before application. It was only after I finished the aloe water, I discovered the best way to use this. I had the FabIndia Rose water lying around and I spritz some Rose water on my face after applying this serum. It helped in quickly absorbing the oil in skin. So do use it with Facial mists or Rose water spray for better absorption. Forest Essentials products come with power ingredients and the Soundarya Advanced serum is no different. It does helps in brightening of the skin and adding a glow after regular usage. It makes the skin plump, radiant and nourished. But sadly it didn’t help with my blemishes (sun spots) on cheeks. Since this is an oil, I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin beauties. Coming to price, yes it is bit pricey. But it contains 24 karat gold Bhasma and one bottle will last you a long time as only a tiny amount is needed to cover the whole face. Plus, it does give results and make skin brighter and radiant after regular use. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing this.    

xoxo, Blossom 🙂


The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review

I have had this hair glossing serum from The Body Shop for a couple of years and somehow I could never write a review post for it. Usually The Body Shop products just doesn’t work for my hair. I have tried the Banana range (HERE) and Rainforest conditioner (HERE) and had horrible experience with both of them. This glossing serum looked promising at the time, read on to know how it fared.


Price: Rs 995 for 75 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years


The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review

  • The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum comes in attractive light pastel green plastic packaging with pump mechanism. The pump is covered with a transparent cap which shuts tight making it travel friendly.
  • The pump dispenses enough product in one go for shoulder length hair, but longer hair like mine will need 2 pumps.
  • It smells amazing! I love the fragrance. It is citrusy and lingers on for a couple of hours. There have been a few times when I have applied this serum only for its smell (Though I am pretty sure I have smelled this fragrance as some car perfume :P)
  • The consistency is like a thick oil but spreads quite easily and feels light weight on hair. It doesn’t feel greasy on hands either.
  • I use this serum on damp towel dried hair and it instantly helps in managing tangles and making my hair smooth, soft and silky.
  • I didn’t see much glossing effect on my hair. I have used this on completely dry hair as well to test the glossiness, and it adds a teeny bit of shine but weighs down the hair. You have to be careful about the quantity as a little amount goes a long way.
  • It contains Grape seed oil which is lighter than olive or coconut oil, making it ideal for moisturizing and conditioning dry hair without making the hair greasy.  Grape seed oil also helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizz, split ends, and brittle hair.
  • I don’t have crazily frizzy hair but if you do, this serum will help in taming the frizz to a great extent.
  • I love this serum and since only a little quantity is required, the bottle will last long.
  • I would recommend this glossing serum to all hair types, except very thin hair as it will weigh your hair down.

(I have THIS nailpolish on my nails)






xoxo, Blossom