A Li’l something about myself + Major Life Update!

Hey everyone

I have been missing in action for sometime, and even though I have lots of reviews and swatches to post about, I just couldn’t find the time among the crazy routine these days. Which is because


Yup. Blossom is getting married people. Coming Monday.

23rd Nov 2015.


I have never talked about myself on my blog and I thought it is high time that I should. So here goes

I am an engineer from Delhi, passed from IIT Delhi and I am currently doing my Ph.D. The boy is a school friend, settled in Mumbai and we are tying the knot after seeing each other for 5 years. Since he is settled in Mumbai (even though he is also from Delhi), I will (have to) eventually move to Mumbai.

My shopping is all done, my packing is in progress, and the ceremonies and functions will start from tomorrow. This is such a hectic time and any bride can turn into bride-zilla. I hope I don’t 😀

I will come back with more reviews and even more nail arts.

Wish me Luck!


Blossom 🙂

When the Clock Strikes 6


It was a clear and crisp afternoon, the land basking in the golden glow of shining sun, a respite to the foggy chilly mornings and equally cold nights. Megha kept looking at the swinging clock on the wall in front of her. She kept on staring at to and fro moving birds in the pendulum. The music of the hand ticking every second was growing on her. She was waiting anxiously for clock to strike 6. But the day couldn’t be any longer.

“Finish your lunch Megzy”, came a voice from the kitchen. Her mother had been baking a plum cake for all. The aroma of baking cinnamon was wafting out from the kitchen. The whole house became fragrant from the baking cake. “You know, if you finish your lunch quickly Santa may come early”, said her mother. “But I’m not hungry mumma’, she protested, “I miss dad. He never forces me to eat beans. I wish he were here with us during my holidays and not in US.” After toying with the spoons and making every possible music from the spoon and plate, she finally finished the Aloo beans on her plate halfheartedly.


She got dressed and wore her favorite dress – of a fairy. The shimmery white color of the frock made her look radiant. She searched for her matching shoes and wore a matching hairband. It was half an hour to 6. “Mumma hurry up!”, her speed of talking was increasing as the minutes hand on the clock was getting closer to 12. “Where are you. Why are you getting so dressed, you look fine mumma, don’t be late.”  Finally the clock struck 6. There was no sign of anyone other than herself and her mom. She sat on the sofa sighing. She waited and waited. She had noticed her drawing room so acutely for the first time. “You know there is a stain on this side of sofa, mumma”. “It must be from the sauce I dropped the other day”, she wondered. The clock struck 7. Still no sign of the expected. Megha was getting restless and grumpy by now. She was about to lose hope when the doorbell rang.

She sprang on her feet and opened the door. “Santa! You are finally here,”  she exclaimed with a full face smile. “I have been waiting so long. I wore my favorite dress today, how do I look Santa. Do you like my wand Santa? I am a fairy today. Wow so many gifts!” She spoke the sentences in a single breath. She sat on his lap while he gave her the best gifts she could have asked for.

Finally she said, “You know, I can see your beard through the fake white one, Papa” 🙂


Disclaimer: This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

Musings of an Investment banker

thinking man

I have been pestering my bf for about 2 weeks to write something for the #WillYouShave activity for me. The theme involves beards and shaving and clean shaven look and men’s grooming, so better to hear the experience from the horse’s mouth (Sorry for calling you a horse honey :P) than someone who doesn’t have to deal with such things. So after constantly reminding  him ten times in a day, he finally gave in and wrote this post finally. *See, nagging works!* 😀

Okay, over to you A.

“I am an Investment Banker, crowded (remember ‘Two makes a couple, and three a crowd’) by 3 forces in my life – my parents, my girlfriend and my fiercefully fierce office. My mom says don’t shave on Tuesday, Thurdsay and Saturday, my girlfriend says don’t shave at all, I look sexy in stubble and my boss says shave daily, you are an Investment Banker, you ought to look like one.

Nudged by my mom and girlfriend  in spite of being warned by my boss about the necessity of shaving daily, specially in client meetings, I finally gave in (read I woke super late) and went unshaven for a day in my office, unaware of scheduling of a very important meeting with a major pharma company. My boss sees me in office, and looking at my one day unshaven face, decided not to take me for the meeting. And then there I was sitting on my office desk, staring at my own image on my phone selfie mode, fantasizing about my own ‘sexiness’. 😛

Shaving daily is a part of my routine and I feel good in a neat and trim look (instead of giving people reason to comment on the nature, color and length of the hair on my face, I rather people concentrate on my personality).

Now here comes the question of what do I use for shaving. The only choice I must say which is available is Gillete and quite good it is, with max 1 min with foam to shave when I am real late to the office. I have not quite gotten myself used to electric shavers still and with new improved razors like Gillete Power Fusion which runs for a month or so, I really don’t need to bother. Well calling myself the jack of all trades and master of none, this is the maximum I have thought and written about my facial hair and its story.

But yes, don’t forget to shave daily, even if your gf or mom nudges not to. I no longer wish to get reminded of my broad face and insinuated that I have perhaps not taken a bath.

Do shave daily… 😉 ”


Disclaimer: This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette