I wish..

Sometimes I wish

I wish I could fly

Sometimes I wish

I can dive the sky

Beyond the world I want to go

Beyond the light I want to know

What lies beyond the supreme

What glows beneath here in

the ultimate purpose of life

And the world beyond

On the spur of the moment

I want there to be gone.

O winds, take me with you

to the place serene with dew

a world so calm and so peace

a deep slumber where I can sleep

never to be woken again

into your arms, I will retreat.



Into the Darkness

Its me, someone lonely

Nobody by my side

Walking all alone

into the darkness.

Don’t know the destination

with nobody to guide

Just walking since ever

and trodding on a path

leading to darkness.

My heels are wounded

am feeling so lethargic

left with no option

but just to walk

on a way

into the darkness.

I’m shouting so hard

and crying for help

but there’s no one

in the vicinity

who can really help.

But what can I do?

as I have no option

other than to walk

It’s what I’m doing since ages

in a hope for a ray of light

and just walking and walking

deep into the darkness.