Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balm : Mixed- Berry, Cherry, Orange ~ Review, Swatch

Maybelline candy wow cherry review

Tinted lip balms have always been my thing. Even after my marriage, I don’t apply lipsticks daily. I always go for tinted lip balms. Whenever there is a new tinted balm in market, I HAVE to try it. Maybelline has always been a favorite for their Baby lips ever since they first launched the tinted variant.  They have recently introduced  Candy Wow Baby Lips and I was quite excited to try these. I have 3 shades with me- Orange, Cherry and Mixed Berry.


Price: Rs 275 for 2 g


Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Review


Mixed- Berry: Cool toned pink color  (Raspberry shade is warm toned pink)

Orange: warm toned orange color

Cherry: Semi sheer cherry red color, most pigmented of the lot, leaves a beautiful stain, will suit every skin tone.


These lip balm come in brightly colored twist up crayon packaging. The color of the tube is matched with the color of the lip balm so it is easier to identify. The fonts on the Lip balm tube are ultra cute. It is a chubby lip balm with retractable, rounded tip. The cap is not very tight but so far I have had no issue of them coming off while travelling.

The lip balms have very smooth and buttery consistency. They are moisturizing,  highly glossy with good color pay-off. They are like sheer lipsticks, only a notch higher on the moisturizing front. The color is sheer which can be intensified by applying 2-3 coats. They leave a mild stain on the lips which intensifies when you reapply the lip balm, especially Cherry flavor. They are not super moisturizing and won’t heal your chapped lips magically overnight. But these are amazing for daily wear if you want a hint of color on your lips.  The wear time is about 2-2.5 hours on my lips, after which I need to reapply the lip balm.

The fragrance is amazing and not over powering. They have individual fragrance based to the shade name.


One thing I don’t like is the quantity. They have reduced the quantity and increased the price. Also, I feel the lip balm ‘melts’ inside the tube especially in hot weather as one can see messiness on the crayon stick and also it shifts side ways while you twist it up. So, I don’t twist it up all the way when this happens as it may break.

You can see the ‘melting’ of the stick in the pics below.


Maybelline Baby lips cherry\


Maybelline candy wow lip balm


Maybelline Candy wow lip balm swatch


Overall, the bright, colorful packaging and the chubby pencil design of the lip balm is very attractive. These are highly glossy, decently moisturizing with good color pay-off for a lip balm. But don’t depend on these for long term hydration and healing as they stay for 2-2.5 hours. Also, the quantity is less and the price is higher than regular Baby Lips lip balm. But, I am so in love with these Lip balms that I wear them daily for work and I will definitely repurchase these cuties. =)




L’Oréal Rouge Caresse 04 Rose Mademoiselle: Review & Swatch



There are so many things which only the people born in 1990s get excited about. The internet is full of such posts: ‘Ten things only the people born in 1990s know’ or ’20 things you remember doing when you were a kid’. Well for me the cotton candy brings back the memories listed in such posts. Remember the cotton candy wale bhaiya came in the streets or even on the bustling roads. India Gate! How can I forget India Gate? It used to be full of balloon vendors and icecream vendors and cotton candy vendors. The soft, fluffy, melt-in-mouth pink sticky-sweet treat is something I love to eat even today. Speaking of cotton candy, this lipstick from L’Oreal totally reminds me of same. Only the color. I have not eaten it or anything ok? 😀

The pink cotton candy color, the soft buttery feel of this lipstick, the light-weightness- How can one NOT compare the two!

loreal rose mademoiselle

Loreal rouge caresse



The packaging is sturdy, silver colored with transparent lid. It has a ‘Loreal Paris’ metallic embossing at the centre. It is similar to their Infallible range. The ends of the packaging are color coded.

rose mademoiselle


Like I said the color reminds me of cotton candy. It is cool-toned pink with slight frosty finish. The texture is smooth, buttery, non tugging and glides easily on the lips. The pigmentation is semi sheer at one swipe but the color is buildable. It does not go fully opaque so it may show pigmentation on the lips. It has a slight silvery sheen which makes it a little frosty. I could not deduce the fragrance accurately. Actually it is very similar to Nutri choice 5 grain biscuits 😀

It stays for 3-4 hours including meal after which it leaves a pretty pink stain. As it is moisturizing and the color is light, I find myself reaching for this lipstick instead of lipbalm in these hot summer days. This a perfect color for daily wear especially for college crowd.

The color will suit fair skinned beauties no doubt, but it may look more ‘frosty’ on darker toned people.

rose mademoiselleThe right one is single swipe and the left one is multiple swipes for full color.


499/- Indian Rupees

rose mademoiselle price

Overall, this lipstick  has a very pretty cotton-candy pink color. It is creamy and moisturizing. The color would look beautiful on fair to medium skin tone.

rose mademoiselle swatchesL’Oréal Rouge Caresse 04 Rose Mademoiselle Swatch

loreal lipstick swatchLeft one is bare lips, right one is single swipe

rose mademoiselle swatchMultiple swipes for full color

Overall Verdict: B+

Pssst: This lipstick can be doubled up as a light pink creamy blush 🙂



*Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for review. Honest opinion. Pinky promise

Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice lip balm- Review

Forest Essentials lip balm

For one thing, I keep ‘orange-y’ things at bay- be it a flavor in food or a fragrance. I don’t know why. The Orange candies we used to eat when we were kids, yeah I hated it. Rasna Orange? No thanks. Although I’m a big fan of this color in fashion/beauty. Now Narangi is the elder sister of orange. When I went to the store and sniffed this balm, one word describes it- AMAZING. Now you see, you enter Forest Essentials store, it is already a heaven for your olfactory senses. But more than the smell, the USP of this product lies in its packaging. Classy is the word. I am a sucker for cute packaging. In fact, there were two variants- one without the mirror (which was cheaper btw), they called it ‘for men’ and another one which I bought-‘for women’. I asked the SA about the difference in quality or quantity, there was no difference whatsoever. Only the mirror makes it “feminine”.  But now the variant without the mirror has been discontinued.

Forest essentials lip balm

Okay so I’ll talk about the different aspects one by one.

1. Fragrance

True to its name. Sweet narangi. The fragrance is not overpowering. It fades after about 1 hour.

2. Packaging

Forest essentials lip balm

Super gorgeous, super classy packaging.It comes in a hexagonal cardboard box with black foam inside which holds the lip balm snugly. It has an in-built mirror like there is in blushes, compacts etc. Really helpful when you’re on the go. Plus the sleek packaging makes sure it fits in your purse or jeans pocket. Only gripe is that since it is a tub packaging, you have to take it out using your fingers. Some may find it unhygienic but it works for me. I scrape it out with my nail and then apply it.

3. Quantity

5 g product.

Forest essentials lip balm

4. Quality

The lip balm is yellow in pan but colorless when applied.  This is the lightest lip balm my lips have ever touched.The consistency is like ghee, but much better. Unlike the waxy lip balms (the likes of Vaseline), this lip balm is feathery light. You apply it and after sometime you forget you applied something. It doesn’t feel heavy AT ALL. It instantly makes the lips super soft and leaves a glossy finish.

Forest essentials sweet narangi

It fades after around 2 hours on my lips. I don’t have chapped lips so I cannot comment on that.

Now the main reason I picked this cute piece of pricey balm is that it works on Lip Pigmentation. Yes. My lips got pigmented after I used Maybelline Color bloom for a couple of weeks. I don’t use lipsticks or lip gloss, so I’m not talking heavy pigmentation. But whatever moderate pigmentation I had, this baby is taking care of it.

5. Price

Expensive! 495 bucks for a lip balm, that too just 5 g product. Mine is getting finished so quick 😦

The other variant which is now discontinued in stores was for Rs. 375.

I think they have hiked the price now. Their online site is showing Rs. 595.

Will I repurchase?

Hell yeah! But I wish they hadn’t discontinued the cheaper variant. I was planning on buying that, now that my fancy for cute packaging has been curbed 😉

Overall Verdict: A+


Blossom 🙂