Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal ~ Just Blue : Review & Swatch



Colorbar Just Smokey range has been around for some years now and I am reviewing a beautiful blackish blue color- Just Blue 005 in this post.

Colorbar makes really good eyeliners and their I-glide range is my absolute favorite. Check some of the gorgeous shades HERE and HERE.


Price: Rs 650 for 1.2 g


Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Blue Review

Colorbar Just Smokey Kajal is a double ended pencil with kajal at one end and the smudger at the other end. Both the ends of the pencil are fitted with black, plastic caps which can be interchanged. The pencil comes in Colorbar’s standard silver cardboard packaging with all the details about products and ingredients. The color of the eyeliner pencil is coordinated with the kajal shade making it easier to sort if you have multiple shades from this range. The silver detailing on the packaging is attractive which doesnot fade with time (unlike THIS eyeliner pencil).

Colorbar Just Smokey Kajal is soft and creamy and glides easily without any tugging or pulling on the eyelids. These are intensely pigmented and one swipe gives full coverage. These can be applied on waterline as kajal (kohl) or on eyelids as eyeliner. I like to wear it as eyeliner more than as kajal. When applied on waterline, it does not sting or make the eyes dry.

The smudger has dome shaped sponge tip which does a decent job in smudging to create a smokey look. But you have to be fast and smudge before this kajal sets. I use it only to smudge my kajal on waterline.  These kajal pencils are not smudge proof and do smudge when rubbed. The smudging is more if you have hooded eyes or oily eyelids. This is a long pencil and quantity is sufficient. But it needs to be sharpened which leads to product wastage.

Just Blue is a very unique shade which touches the right strings of my heart! It is a blackish blue/green color which looks amazing on brown eyes. I LOVE blackish (not black, black-ish! :P) eyeliners which are not black but some other color, but are so deep in color that it looks black, which makes it gorgeous and totally work-appropriate. It says blue but somehow looks deep green color to me. It looks blue/green after smudging, and looks blackish otherwise.

There is one small thing though, if you rub your eyes with this eyeliner on, or keep applying many layers of this, it starts to come off in flakes, like bits of an eraser 😐

Nonetheless, I absolutely love this shade and even though the I-glide range is better (and easier on pocket), I will still keep on repurchasing when it gets over. This is my second purchase already.











(See the smudging under the eyes?)


Overall, Colorbar Just smokey kajal in shade Just Blue is a gorgeous blackish blue/green eyeliner with a smudger at the other end. It is highly pigmented and applies like charm. One swipe is sufficient for full coverage. However, the pencil needs to be sharpened which leads to product wastage. Also, this is not smudge proof and it will smudge especially if you have hooded eyes and oily eyelids. If you try to smudge this kajal after it sets, it comes off in flakes which may irritate eyes. But nonetheless,  I will still repurchase this as I absolutely adore this blackish blue color.


Pssst, the nailpolish I am wearing in the pics above is one of the nailpolish in THIS post.


xoxo, Blossom

Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Smokey Eyeliner: Purple dream ~ Review & Swatch

L’Oreal launched Color Riche Le Smokey range of eyeliner pencils last year in 8 shades and I am reviewing a beautiful purple color- Purple Dream 211 in this post.

L’Oreal has another great eyeliner in gel form. Check it HERE

Price: Rs 650 for 1.2 g

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Smokey eyeliner Purple Dream review

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Smokey eye pencil is a double ended wooden pencil with eyeliner at one end and the smudger at the other end. Both the ends of the pencil are fitted with transparent, plastic caps which can be interchanged. The color of the eyeliner pencil is coordinated with the eyeliner shade making it easier to sort if you have multiple shades from this range. The design and gold detailing gives a classy touch to the packaging, but the gold detailing starts to fade after sometime.

Purple Dream is a blackish purple color which looks amazing on brown eyes. I can’t get enough of purple eyeliners. I feel green and purple look best on brown eyes. (I have reviewed my fav green eyeliner HERE ). L’Oreal Color Riche Le Smokey eye pencils are soft and creamy and glides easily. It does not tug or pull on the eyelids. These are intensely pigmented and one need not swipe multiple times for better color. One swipe gives full coverage. These are matte eyeliners. When I apply this on waterline as kohl, it does not sting or makes my eyes dry.

The smudger has dome shaped sponge tip which is decent and does an excellent job in smudging to create a smokey look.  However, these eyeliners are not smudge proof and do smudge when rubbed. At the end of the day half the pigmentation fades off, whether worn as eyeliner or kohl. The smudging is more if you have hooded eyes or oily eyelids.

This is a long pencil and quantity is sufficient. But it needs to be sharpened which leads to product wastage.












Overall, L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Smokey eyeliner pencil Purple Dreams is a beautiful blackish purple eyeliner with a smudger at the other end. It is highly pigmented and easy to apply but it is not smudge proof. Also, this needs to be sharpened which leads to product wastage. This is not smudge proof and it will smudge especially if you have hooded eyes and oily eyelids. I will probably not repurchase this as I like retractable eyeliners with smudge proof finish. 

xoxo, Blossom

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Turquoise: Review

Maybelline turquoise

Who loves the color Blue? Speaking of blue… can’t get the Honey Singh song out of my head- Blue eyes hypnotize teri…kar di hai mainu…. I hate yo yo’s songs and his lyrics but you’ve got to admit they are kind of addicting. Anyways, this new product from Maybelline is a win among girls whose staple is kohl lined eyes. By the way I have written about different ways to apply your kajal HERE.

Turquoise is my favorite kind of blue. I was on a hunt for the perfect blue color eyeliner sometime back. But I couldn’t find one and then purples caught my fancy. And when I got my hands on this beauty, my feelings for blue came rushing back 😀


What Maybelline claims is:

Go all out with glamorous eyes in the most exciting Colossal Kohl – Turquoise which LINES like a Kohl and DEFINES like a liner. Turquoise kohl is a refreshing twist on the conventional black kohl and a must have fashion and beauty accessory.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

· Provides 12 Hours of smudge-free turquoise intensity

· Color doesn’t smudge or fade

· Enriched with nourishing ingredients and Vitamin E to soothe the eye

· Features a unique tip that glides smoothly for even application

· 100% suitable for your eyes


maybelline turquoise kohl turquoise

Maybelline turquoise kajal

It comes in exact same packaging like its black variant: Colossal Kajal. Almost all of us know about that one. Colossal kajal from Maybelline afterall started the smudge-free kajal revolution in India. Colossal Kohl Turquoise has  yellow plastic packaging with twist up pencil format and glossy strap of its name written on it. The cap is sturdy and clicks shut.


As the name says it is a bright blue- turquoise color with micro-shimmer in it. It is a pretty shade IMO.

Maybelline turquoise kajal swatch

Without flash

Maybelline colossal turquoise swatch

With flash


The color is decently pigmented on its own but still needs 2-3 swipes on eyes for full color buildup. However it gives full color in one swipe itself while swatching. Being creamy in texture it is very smooth to apply and does not tug or pull. I say it is exactly like its black variant- only turquoise in color.

Staying power

Well I have not tested its claim for 12 hours but I did put it on for about 8 hours and it did not smudge as such, but got lighter in intensity. I did not use it on lower lash-line because I have had Lasik surgery just a month back and I am apprehensive on trying new products on my waterline. You can read about my LASIK surgery experience HERE

Even though I did not apply it on my water line but I have a feeling it will fade from the waterline pretty quickly, just like any other kajal does.

How to remove

It is waterproof and needs a makeup remover to remove it. It does not budge with water. I remove it with olive oil or vaseline.

My verdict and swatches

Maybelline turquoise insane dissections

This color, though beautiful on its own will not suit most Indian skin tones unless you do a proper base makeup. Hide those dark circles and conceal your pigmentations. It looks tad light in color given that we are used to wearing black kohl. Most college going girls wear only a kajal and a lipgloss/lipbalm. And it will not look good on upper lashline unless you tweak it a little. It will not suit duskier complexion if you apply it as it is.

However, I will tell you how to make it work and transform it to suit any complexion, any situation- makeup or no makeup

1. Use it over a black eyeliner/kajal

Maybelline turquoise kajal blossomSince the color looks wee bit light on the eyes, applying it over your black colossal kajal or black eyeliner will make it a beautiful greenish color. This color being darker will look pretty on the eyes and will suit every skin tone. Plus it is a refreshing alternative to the boring blacks.

2. Use it above the black eyeliner

turquoise eyesApply your black eyeliner and line with Maybelline colossal turquoise kajal just above the black line. It looks dramatic this way and sooo wearable. The beautiful turquoise color of this kajal does not get altered and because of the black eyeliner it doesnot look light on eyes either. Win win situation.

turquoise eyes maybelline

Both these  ways to apply turquoise kajal  can be done in a jiffy. And it won’t need a proper makeup to make it work. Apply kajal/eyeliner, apply maybelline colossal turquoise kajal, apply colored lip balm/ lip tint and you are good to go.. Good to rock the world 🙂

Price: Rs 250

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Expiry: 2 years

maybelline turquoise price


Will I repurchase: 

Ummm… no. The color is good but I will invest in darker colors. Shoutout to maybelline- Introduce more colors, preferably dark. But then you never know which color-phase I will be in by the time it gets over 😛

Overall Verdict: B+


Blossom 🙂

*Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for review. Honest opinion. Pinky promise

5 Ways to Apply Kohl

Kohl or Kajal is a staple for all Indian women. Our eyes are our best feature. In our teenage years when we girls start taking interest in makeup, it often starts with a kohl and a  gloss. I tell you here the many ways you can line your eyes for various occasions based on how strongly you want to highlight your eyes.

1. The ‘Barely there’ look

thin kajal rimmed eyes

When Kajal is applied in this way, it defines your eyes. I know some girls who don’t like a jet black, and ‘too obvious’ looking kohl. If you fall in the same category, this look is for you. Yes, ex-roommate I am talking to you!

To apply the kohl in this way, tug your lower lashline down and line it on the inner side, the waterline. Keep it within the lash line.

It is also applied this way when you are lining your upper lash line heavily and don’t want the smokey look.

2.The Evenly thick look

thick eyes

This is the everyday look for me, as well as many Indian women. For this, line your waterline and apply it evenly onto the lash line as well. This look makes the eyes appear bigger. Don’t make the line too thick.

3. Cat eye


This is for the bold ones.  For this, extend your kohl upwards while lining your lower lashline. Looks dramatic. Suitable for parties.

4. The Smudged look


This is the softer version of ‘Evenly thick’. Apply kohl on your waterline and smudge the same on your lashline. Do not apply it directly.  I use a Q-tip to smudge it. You can use a smudger or the applicator that comes with most eyeshadow palettes. This look is used when you want to go the girly and fresh way.

5. Gothic look


This is the boldest of all. For gothic look, line your lower lash line with a thick line of  kohl. Make sure, it is a smudge proof one. You don’t want those panda eyes.  This look is best when you want your eyes to make the statement. Also used in most smokey eye makeup.

Useful tip: To prevent Kajal from bleeding and smudging, apply some compact or pressed powder just below the line of your kajal. You can also set it with a black eyeshadow.

I’ll tell you the different ways for applying Kohl for different eye shapes in another post. Stay tuned 🙂



Disclaimer: All the pictures compiled here have been taken from the internet. If any of the photo belongs to you and you have a problem with it, shoot me a mail and I’ll take it down.