Revlon Volume+Length Magnified Mascara: Review

Revlon launched a new range of mascara recently and I picked the one for Lengthening + volume. There are 5 different mascara for different needs:

  • Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara.
  • Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara.
  • Revlon Super Length Mascara.
  • Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara.
  • Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

They all vary in their brush shape and size. I am reviewing the  Volume+Length Magnified mascara here.

(Pssst, if you are into colored mascaras, I have reviewed a gorgeous bright blue mascara HERE)


• High shine black fiber formula provides amplified volume and length
• Revlon Magnifying Lash Brush™ – Square brush designed to anchor formula to lashes for intense volume + length

Price: Rs 1050

Revlon Volume+Length Magnified Mascara review

This range of mascara come in attractive packaging with different cap colors and brush for different effects. I donot like Revlon products’ packaging but this mascara has modernized the brand. The colour coded caps are a great idea to quickly identify the formula if you have multiple mascara from this range. Volume+Length Magnified mascara comes in sleek, flat, matte black packaging with dark blue cap. The white font is contrasting and looks attractive, which doesnot fade after multiple handling of the tube. The packaging is simple and classy. The brush has short as well as long bristles, which does a good job and makes the application easy. The brush coats the lashes richly and evenly. The brush is dense and the texture is fibrous which provides length. I need 2 coats for full effect. One coat is sufficient for subtle look.

I am a big fan of lush, voluminous lashes and this mascara gives fabulous lashes. Although this mascara doesnot give dramatic lashes, which is not its job anyway. This is a normal daily wear mascara which does its job of brightening up the eyes, adding length and volume decently.

It does not flake, is not irritating to eyes, is waterproof. Since this is a waterproof mascara, it makes the removal process quite tedious.

Now the downside of this mascara is that it is pricey! There are other cheaper mascara available in India to do the same decent job this mascara does. Also, this is a new launch and it is available only on counters and not online, as far as I know, but you can try this on Amazon.






Before application ↑ 

After 2 coats ↑ (applied on upper lashes)

Overall, Revlon Volume + Length Magnified mascara does its job of volumizing and lengthening decently. This is a great mascara for daily use when you dont want dramatic effect. However, this is on the pricey side and there are cheap alternatives available in market for the same effect. Also, this is waterproof and removing this mascara is a chore in itself.





Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara: Royal blue ~ Review & Swatch

Lakme recently introduced the colored variant of its classic Eyeconic mascara in blue color. Colored eyeliners are relatively new in drugstore market in India and I am so glad Lakme introduced one. It is currently available in only blue shade (apart from the classic black one) which I am reviewing  here.


Price: Rs 350 (INR) for 9 ml


Lakme Eyeconic curling mascara Royal blue Review

This mascara comes in similar packaging to its black variant. It comes in black tube packaging with shade name sticked on bottom. The details are mentioned on the cardboard packaging it comes in. The wand is curved which is meant for curling effect. The bristles of the wand are short and coats the eyelashes richly. However, I do get some smudges here and there on my skin while applying.

The color is bright cobalt blue, and not royal blue (dark blue), is highly pigmented and quite visible from the first coat itself. Being such vibrant blue, it screams drama and adds beautiful color to your overall makeup look.

The formula is slightly wet, which takes sometime to dry, which is why I get smudges on my brow bone sometimes. It does not clump but if you apply more than 3 layers then it might. The end of the wand picks up more product which proves a hassle sometimes, so do remove that excess bit before applying. The mascara definitely gives a lift to the eyelashes but it does not have a significant curling effect. The formula does not feel heavy on the eyelids.

The mascara is not waterproof but does not smudge after drying either. It can be easily removed with a makeup remover. It can also be washed with cleanser directly with a little massage. It did not smudge after 5-6 hours of wear.

I love to pair this mascara with a black liner to add a subtle hint of color on the eyes. This way makes it suitable for office wear as well. 

However, I do have some issues with the packaging as somehow one day the stopper inside the tube (meant to wipeout the excess product on the wand ) stopped working (?) or it broke or shifted and I ended up with thick, gloopy layer of product on the brush.  And after one or two days it started to work fine again :-/










Overall, this is a beautiful blue mascara which is affordable and doesnot break bank! The consistency is slightly wet and 2 coats are sufficient to provide full color and curling effect. The curling effect is not that prominent but it does give a lift to the eyelashes. The vibrant blue color adds drama to the overall makeup look. Colored eyeliners are relatively new in the market (atleast in the drugstore segment) and this one is definitely worth trying. If you find the color too bold, you can always tone it down by wearing it with a black eyeliner. However, I do have some issues with the packaging as somehow the stopper inside the tube (meant to wipeout the product on the wand ) broke/shifted one day and I ended up with thick layer of product on the brush.

Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil: Jaded & Cocobar ~ Review and Swatch

Colorbar I-glide eyeliner pencils have been around for many years now, and being an eyeliner hoarder myself (:P), I can safely say that these are the BEST eyeliner pencils I have tried so far. The formula is simply amazing. I am reviewing two shades which I have currently ~ Jaded and Cocobar.

Price: Rs 499



Colorbar I-glide Eye pencil review

Colorbar I-glide eyeliner pencils come in a silver cardboard packaging which has all the details. The eyeliner pencil is made of silver colored plastic with color coded ends and shade name engraved along the end. The color coded ends make it easier to identify the shade from multiple pencils. This is a sharpenable eyeliner and not retractable, which leads to product wastage whenever you sharpen it, and being made of plastic adds to even more wastage! This is probably the only con I could find with these. Oh, and also, these cannot be applied to waterline.

The formula of these eyeliner pencils is amazing. They are super creamy and deliver full color in one swipe itself. The texture is super smooth and glides easily on the eyelids. Once set, the eyeliner is smudge proof and has excellent staying power (best one I have seen so far). It does not budge at all (even with light rubbing of eyes). It stays put until removed by an oil based remover. I have oily lids which have started to become hooded of late :-/ so my eyeliners tend to bleed to my socket line. But this one does not budge at all.

Colorbar I-glide eyeliner come in 15 shades with different finish, and each shade suits Indian skin tone perfectly.

Jaded (a repurchase)

Colorbar I-glide eyeliner in shade Jaded is a beautiful dark green color with pearl finish. This color looks super pretty when worn in parties. This is a jewel toned shade, so it may not be suitable for office wear. But you can make it work for office wear by applying a sheer black eyeliner (I use Maybelline Colossal eyeliner) on top of this shade. You can also wear it the way I have done HERE. I use this method to wear eyeliner shades which are too light or which are too bright to wear for office.

I usually do not purchase same product or same shade twice, especially in eyeliners and nail polish, but the shade is so gorgeous that I had to purchase it again, and I will purchase it later also when this one gets finished 😛










Colorbar I-glide eyeliner in shade Cocobar is a dark brown eyeliner. Usually, brown eyeliners do not show well on medium to dark skin tone, but this shade is perfectly dark to be visible on the eyelids. Brown eyeliner gives a softer look as compared to black eyeliners. I had been hunting a good brown eyeliner which shows up on my eyelids, and after numerous swatches at every brand counter I find, I stumbled on this beautiful shade. I will probably purchase it again. Though it does not contain any shimmer or glitter, still you can’t apply it on waterline. I tried it once and my eyes were irritated whole day. Also, if your eyelids are darker, this shade may not show properly on the eyes; so do swatch it at the counter before buying if you have dark eyelids.











Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencils are super smooth and very pigmented eyeliners. It gives full color in one stroke itself. However, being sharpenable pencils, these lead to product wastage. Also, these cannot be applied to waterline. Jaded is a beautiful jewel toned dark green color, and cocobar is dark brown in color. Once set, this eyeliner does not budge AT ALL. These eyeliner come in a variety of shades (15 in total) and finish, and you must check it out at the counters. You will not regret buying these, I can guarantee this.




L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza ~ Sapphire Blue: Review & Swatch

Loreal Paris super liner sapphire blue review

L’Oreal Paris nailed it this time in the eye makeup department. Every year L’Oreal Paris introduces new products in their Cannes collection, and this time they launched beautiful limited edition lipsticks, new shades of lipglosses and gorgeous Gel Intenza eyeliners. I couldn’t have been happier with the shades they have launched in their eyeliner. Blue is my favorite color and there are two super pretty blue shades in this launch. I am reviewing the shade ‘Sapphire Blue‘ here.


loreal paris gel intenza eyeliner


Price: Rs 875

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza eyeliner comes in a glass tub packaging with a gold screw cap. The gold accents makes it look pretty and high end. The tub is small and cute and looks sturdy even though it is made of glass. The bottom part of the tub has a sticker indicating the shade name and details for easier identification. The eyeliner comes with its own brush. The brush is okayish. It is decent but not that great. I can make thick lines with it but not thin lines. Also, the brush doesn’t have a proper cap. I prefer the Maybelline gel eyeliner brush over this.

The texture of L’Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza eyeliner is buttery smooth and creamy. So creamy that one cannot apply full color on the eye in one stroke as the product itself gets swiped with brush stroke. Other than that, it applies like a breeze. There is absolutely no tugging or pulling at all. The pigmentation is great. But due to the soft formulation, the brush somehow doesn’t pick up the product properly so you have to keep dipping it in the tub to take more of it. The brush either picks up very less or too much amount of the product.  2-3 applications are needed for full color intensity. The eyeliner dries pretty quickly into a smudge proof, water resistant finish.

The shade Sapphire Blue is dark navy blue in color. It looks almost blackish with blue shimmer. It appears black only from far and under certain lights. The shimmer is subdued and doesn’t make it OTT. This is a great everyday wear shade and such a nice alternative to plain black eyeliners.

I have mixed feelings for the longevity. It definitely will NOT stay 36 hours, as it claims. This product is not as long lasting as it claims to be. It claims to be waterproof but its not fully waterproof. Vigorous rubbing with a moist cloth or finger causes it to come off. It does not smudge or crease, but it tends to fade after about 8 hours especially near the inner corner of eyes. I remove the eyeliner with my Natio eye makeup remover. You can use any makeup remover or oil/vaseline to remove this.

Another thing I noticed is the wrong color coding of both the blue Gel Intenza eyeliners- Royal blue and Sapphire blue. It seems that the colors on its packaging, even the names have been swapped. ‘Sapphire blue’ eyeliner is actually dark navy blue in color and ‘Royal blue’ is jewel toned blue in color. The color code of Sapphire blue shade on its cardboard packaging, as well as below the tub packaging is actually jewel toned blue and not navy blue which is the actual color of the product in the tub. This confusion led me to buy the wrong shade actually!


loreal gel intenza eyeliner


loreal gel intenza eyeliner price


loreal sapphire blue


loreal paris gel intenza sapphire blue eyeliner


loreal paris gel intenza eyeliners swatch


loreal royal blue eyeliner swatch



loreal sapphire blue eyeliner swatch



loreal gel intenza eyeliners longevity



loreal sapphire blue color


Overall, this is a beautiful everyday wear color and such a fun alternative to boring blacks. The product is buttery smooth and application is such a breeze, even for a novice. The brush could have been better though. And I am not impressed with the longevity either. Even though it is bit pricey and the longevity issues aside, I am probably going to repurchase it once it gets over, mainly because of its gorgeous dark navy blue color.



Blossom 🙂




Natio Eye Makeup Remover : Review

natio eye make up remover

I am more of a kajal and lip gloss (read colored lip balm =D ) kind of girl and so at the end of the day I don’t have much layers of makeup to remove but only some eyeliner and kajal.  I wanted to experiment with mascara and so I wanted a good makeup remover to remove traces of makeup from my eye.

I was on a lookout and I stumbled on Natio eye makeup remover and thought why not give it a try. Plus it says aromatherapy and I like things with good aroma 😀


Price: Rs 655 for 75 ml


What it claims:

A gentle, non-oily lotion with floral extracts of rose and cornflower to thoroughly remove eye make-up, while refreshing and softening the eye contour area. pH balanced to prevent irritation.


natio makeup remover price


Natio Eye Make-up Remover Review

It comes in a white opaque packaging which faintly shows the amount of product left in the bottle. It has a nozzle at the top which is protected by a tight cap. I like the sturdy packaging. The cap fits tightly over the nozzle so one can travel with this without worrying about spillage, as long as you screw the cap tight. The makeup is liquid in consistency (no traces of oil, I checked). Being non oily, it does not leave the skin oily after makeup removal but it does feel tad sticky. The remover is quite good at its job. It removes waterproof eyeliner and kajal like a breeze. However, it doesnot remove mascara that efficiently and I always end up breaking my eyelashes. Ouch! Also, this remover stings!! Eye makeup remover should be gentle to the eyes in case some of it gets inside the eye during removal. But this one stings  if it gets in eye especially if you are going to remove waterline makeup and in-between the lashes traces. It is pricey for the quantity (75 ml).

I tested it on other makeup as well, lip makeup and face makeup. But it does not remove it that effectively. And I don’t complain either, since it is Eye make-up remover.

‘Aromatherapy’ word in its name is misleading – It has a very faint smell and not “aroma”. It smells very faintly of botanical extracts. I was not happy at its fragrance as I was expecting a good aroma experience.


natio makeup  remover


natio makeup remover review


Overall, this is a good remover as long as it doesnot get inside your eyes. Since I had bought it, I use it for removing eyeliner and occasional eye shadow removal. It is quite good as long you use it on your eyelid area. Also, it does not leave any oily traces. It is bit costly for the quantity it offers and I wont repurchase it mainly because it stings!


Pssst, I am wearing Colorbar crackle Top coat (review HERE) over Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous in shade Aqua Express




Maybelline Colossal Kajal Turquoise: Review

Maybelline turquoise

Who loves the color Blue? Speaking of blue… can’t get the Honey Singh song out of my head- Blue eyes hypnotize teri…kar di hai mainu…. I hate yo yo’s songs and his lyrics but you’ve got to admit they are kind of addicting. Anyways, this new product from Maybelline is a win among girls whose staple is kohl lined eyes. By the way I have written about different ways to apply your kajal HERE.

Turquoise is my favorite kind of blue. I was on a hunt for the perfect blue color eyeliner sometime back. But I couldn’t find one and then purples caught my fancy. And when I got my hands on this beauty, my feelings for blue came rushing back 😀


What Maybelline claims is:

Go all out with glamorous eyes in the most exciting Colossal Kohl – Turquoise which LINES like a Kohl and DEFINES like a liner. Turquoise kohl is a refreshing twist on the conventional black kohl and a must have fashion and beauty accessory.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

· Provides 12 Hours of smudge-free turquoise intensity

· Color doesn’t smudge or fade

· Enriched with nourishing ingredients and Vitamin E to soothe the eye

· Features a unique tip that glides smoothly for even application

· 100% suitable for your eyes


maybelline turquoise kohl turquoise

Maybelline turquoise kajal

It comes in exact same packaging like its black variant: Colossal Kajal. Almost all of us know about that one. Colossal kajal from Maybelline afterall started the smudge-free kajal revolution in India. Colossal Kohl Turquoise has  yellow plastic packaging with twist up pencil format and glossy strap of its name written on it. The cap is sturdy and clicks shut.


As the name says it is a bright blue- turquoise color with micro-shimmer in it. It is a pretty shade IMO.

Maybelline turquoise kajal swatch

Without flash

Maybelline colossal turquoise swatch

With flash


The color is decently pigmented on its own but still needs 2-3 swipes on eyes for full color buildup. However it gives full color in one swipe itself while swatching. Being creamy in texture it is very smooth to apply and does not tug or pull. I say it is exactly like its black variant- only turquoise in color.

Staying power

Well I have not tested its claim for 12 hours but I did put it on for about 8 hours and it did not smudge as such, but got lighter in intensity. I did not use it on lower lash-line because I have had Lasik surgery just a month back and I am apprehensive on trying new products on my waterline. You can read about my LASIK surgery experience HERE

Even though I did not apply it on my water line but I have a feeling it will fade from the waterline pretty quickly, just like any other kajal does.

How to remove

It is waterproof and needs a makeup remover to remove it. It does not budge with water. I remove it with olive oil or vaseline.

My verdict and swatches

Maybelline turquoise insane dissections

This color, though beautiful on its own will not suit most Indian skin tones unless you do a proper base makeup. Hide those dark circles and conceal your pigmentations. It looks tad light in color given that we are used to wearing black kohl. Most college going girls wear only a kajal and a lipgloss/lipbalm. And it will not look good on upper lashline unless you tweak it a little. It will not suit duskier complexion if you apply it as it is.

However, I will tell you how to make it work and transform it to suit any complexion, any situation- makeup or no makeup

1. Use it over a black eyeliner/kajal

Maybelline turquoise kajal blossomSince the color looks wee bit light on the eyes, applying it over your black colossal kajal or black eyeliner will make it a beautiful greenish color. This color being darker will look pretty on the eyes and will suit every skin tone. Plus it is a refreshing alternative to the boring blacks.

2. Use it above the black eyeliner

turquoise eyesApply your black eyeliner and line with Maybelline colossal turquoise kajal just above the black line. It looks dramatic this way and sooo wearable. The beautiful turquoise color of this kajal does not get altered and because of the black eyeliner it doesnot look light on eyes either. Win win situation.

turquoise eyes maybelline

Both these  ways to apply turquoise kajal  can be done in a jiffy. And it won’t need a proper makeup to make it work. Apply kajal/eyeliner, apply maybelline colossal turquoise kajal, apply colored lip balm/ lip tint and you are good to go.. Good to rock the world 🙂

Price: Rs 250

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Expiry: 2 years

maybelline turquoise price


Will I repurchase: 

Ummm… no. The color is good but I will invest in darker colors. Shoutout to maybelline- Introduce more colors, preferably dark. But then you never know which color-phase I will be in by the time it gets over 😛

Overall Verdict: B+


Blossom 🙂

*Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for review. Honest opinion. Pinky promise

My experience with LASIK Eye surgery


So I had a LASIK eye surgery 48 hours ago as I write this post, and here are my few pointers if you are planning to have it as well.

First of all, my eyesight was not as bad and my number was -1.75D and -2.25D in right and left eye respectively. I also had cylindrical power. Wearing glasses, specially when you are out in sun is cumbersome (shifting glasses and shades…too tiresome I tell you). And on top of it you have to get the power-sunglasses. If you have a habit of wearing lenses, you cannot wear it for long long hours. My eyes tend to get dry when I wear lens and it gets too uncomfortable by the end of the day. So I finally gave in and had the LASIK eye operation.

To have a basic idea about what Lasik surgery is:

They first cut your cornea and make a flap, then they burn and reshape the cornea with laser and finally close back the flap.


Pre- LASIK operation:

I went for pre op eye checkup one week before the actual surgery. They do various tests like cornea thickness, pupil dilation test, retina test etc. and tell you if your eyes are actually fit for Lasik operation. Just anyone CANNOT have this operation. For example, if your cornea thickness is less they themselves will not advise you to undergo this operation as it involves burning of cornea tissues to reshape it.

Tip: Go for this checkup in the evening or on a holiday. Pupil dilation test will cause blurriness and you will not be able to read/see clearly for 4-5 hours. Also you MUST carry your shades as you will NOT be able to step out in the sun without it. Your eyes become too light-sensitive.

They advised me to stop using lens right away if I am planning to do this surgery anytime soon. They gave me an antibiotic solution to drop in my eyes 3 days before the surgery. They also advised me to stop wearing any eye makeup 3 days before the surgery. On the day of surgery I was asked to have a head bath as I won’t be able to wash my hair for about 7-10 days after the operation. I was asked not to apply any deodorant or perfume on the day of surgery.

LASIK operation:

On the day of surgery, they did some checkups and put some eye drops in my eyes 3-4 times about half hour before the surgery. They made me wear a head mask and taped it on my forehead till my eyebrows. This was to prevent hair from coming on the face during surgery. In the operation theatre, I was asked to lie down on the recliner (Do not tie your hair too high or in a bun or it will be uncomfortable when you lie down. I tied my hair in a braid). The recliner had a cavity/depression for your head to get you comfortable while you lie down and exactly on top of your face is the machine.

They put some drops in my eyes which made them numb to any pain. Then they put some kind of mask thing on my face and cut the portion for eyes. The rest of the mask was removed. It was sticky or they were using any suction to hold it in place, I don’t know and they pressed it securely under my eyelids and put clamps to make my eyes as wide as it can be. I could not blink thereafter. The other eye was closed.

I was asked to see a red blinking light on the machine in front of my eyes throughout the operation. They first added some wetting liquid to avoid dryness. Now, I couldn’t see any of the things they were doing except the red light but I knew what was going on as I had read beforehand about the procedure. So after dripping the liquid on my eye they put a machine kinda thing and pressed it against my eye. The red light I was supposed to see sort of went out and I could hear a faint motor-like noise. This was when they were making an incision on my cornea to make the flap. I didn’t experience any pain but only some pressure. I have read people say it is a lot and lot of pressure, but I tell you it’s not A LOT but bearable.

I could see the red light again. So after making the cut the doctor flipped open the flap and the red light I was supposed to see went out of focus. It was there but out of focus. Then they switched on the laser to burn the tissues. It didn’t pain as I said, but yeah I could feel something was happening. The burning tissues gave an acrid smell, the likes of hair burning, if you have experienced it. IT WAS BAD. I could also notice slight smoke. The laser went on for about 20 seconds, depending on the power of your eye. More the power, for more time they use the laser. The reason for ‘burning’ is to make the cornea flatter, so that the image can focus on retina for 20/20 vision.

After the laser, they dripped the liquid again and put the flap back. They applied some air on the flap, then wiped it many times with something to press the flap firmly on place and remove any bubble. They wiped it many times. Lastly, they put a lens on my eye. The lens is placed to protect the cornea and aid the healing of the cornea flap.

The clamp was removed and the same thing was carried out for left eye.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes in my case, but others took as long as 40-45 minutes. As soon as I got out of the OT, I didn’t see a DRASTIC difference, only my eyes felt very weak and heavy. I couldn’t open my eyes. They asked me to keep my eyes shut for 10-15 minutes and did some checkup after that. As I said I didn’t notice any DRASTIC difference, maybe because my number was not that much, plus the discomfort and dryness didn’t let me see the difference much. All I could notice was that everything was hazy. And by that, I mean A LOT hazy. There were halos and glare. Something like this.


Post- LASIK operation:

F***ing HELL DISCOMFORT in eyes the same day when I came back home. My eyes felt weak, tired, super-dry, slight burning and swelling and I could not open my eyes.  The closest feeling I can imagine is when your eyes get dry after a long day of wearing lens, only 20-30 times worse than that. I had a gritty feeling in my eyes. I was asked not to touch my eye at all. The doctors advise to close eyes and go to sleep. But I was not at all sleepy which further added to my discomfort. They should have given me some sleeping pill or something. Since I was not to even touch my eye , let alone rub it or poke it, I slept wearing my super-sized sunglasses so that I don’t accidentally rub my eyes. They did not give me any kit post Lasik.

They have given me two eye drops to be used religiously for next 21 days. One is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory and the other is for dryness and irritation. Although they keep on adding more medicines during my follow up visits :-/

The strict precaution to be followed is not to let your eyes touch even a single drop of water. This is to be followed for about a week. You cannot wash your face, you cannot wash your hair. I even brush my teeth wearing my super-sized sunglasses =D

Also you are asked not to apply any eye makeup for about 2-3 weeks.

 Day 0 i.e the day I had surgerySuper discomfort, dryness, tired eyes, gritty/sandy feeling, redness, haziness, halos and glare, light sensitivity.

Day1 after the surgery – The discomfort had vanished considerably, I did not feel restlessness like I felt after the surgery. But the vision was not perfect, the eyes were still dry, gritty-ness was still there. I had to go for 1st post-operation visit the next day. They did some checkups, added drops to my eyes and removed the lens they had put after the surgery. I felt better after that as the dryness and gritty-ness had reduced to a great extent. They gave me some oral medicines to speed up the healing process. But haziness, halos and glares was still there, my vision was still not perfect, better than before surgery no doubt, but still not perfect.

Day 2 after the surgery– Eyes are even better, dryness has reduced, haziness has reduced though still there, but eyesight still not perfect. My vision is still not ‘crisp clear’. Halos and glares still present. A faint feeling of gritty-ness is still there. I cannot see far objects clearly and my eyes strain and pain if I try to. I asked the doc, they said it will take some time. Eyes take about 3 months to recover fully after the LASIK operation.

My next follow up visit is after 1 week. The whole procedure cost me 35 grand. I didnot opt for the bladeless procedure. The only difference is in the method of making the incision to make flap. In bladeless procedure they use a laser to do it. Rest of the things are same. Bladeless one costs 85k INR. The recovery time, the dryness and everything else is the same in both the procedures.

Although I still do not have perfect vision, it is much better than what I had prior Lasik and my vision is getting better each day  🙂

(EDIT: One week post surgery: Vision has improved a lot! Eyesight perfect in right eye but a tad less in left eye, though combined I can feel the vision is almost perfect now. There is no more haziness and glares. I was called for another post op eye checkup after one week. The doc checked my eyes and said my recovery was good. They checked my vision and said it was even better than normal 😀 … I asked the doc about my slightly less perfect vision in left eye, he said it will get fine. BUT I still feel dryness in my eyes and it feels gritty sometimes. The medicines I was given on the day of surgery will continue till this week  and the doc gave another eye drops for dryness to start from next week onward. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines will stop this week. Also, I can wash my face and hair again (I am so relieved…my hair started to look like hive). But he advised to be gentle on eyes and not splash water in the eyes)


Blossom 🙂


Image source: 1, 2, 3