About me


Welcome to my blog!

I am Blossom. A 24 year old girl from New Delhi, India.  I like everything girly- makeup, accessories, jewelry,and PINK!  When I started this blog I had no intention of making it a ‘girly’ blog. I did some poetry and I wrote it here.  I used to do some nail art. I simply added them here to keep a record of it (as I do the nail art and tend to forget it later :D).

Being a girl, I also love makeup, so you will also find some occasional reviews of the same. I indulge in some crafts in my free time which I will add here later.

My skin tone: Medium to fair

Skin type: dry, parched in winters, oily T-zone in summer. No acne problem but I do get some occasional zits

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

My hobbies:

An avid reader, traveler, chocolate hog, desserts lover, I have a humongous collection of random earrings, loves to sketch and cook, watch The Big Bang Theory in free time (Who loves Sheldon Cooper raise your hands!). 

I love funky, bright colors. Though, I am aware of the recent fashion trends, but do not follow them religiously.

I update my blog as and when I get time. There is no particular theme for my blog. I babble just about anything, hence such title for my blog.

I hope you have a nice time going through my Insane Scribblings 🙂

Contact me at: insanedissections@gmail.com for any query or just to say ‘hi’.

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