Kiko Nail Lacquer ~ 497 Pearly Indian Violet: Review & Swatch

  Kiko is slowly becoming my favorite nailpolish brand. A visit to the Kiko Milano store means addition of at least 3-4 nailpolish in my stash. You can see my recent Kiko haul post, which mainly comprised of nailpolishes. The testers for the nailpolish makes it so much easy for the customers to try before buying […]

Kiko Nail Lacquer – 521 Pearly Ocean: Review & Swatch

Kiko makes really good nailpolishes at very affordable price. Nail lacquer range is the least expensive of all Kiko nailpolishes with such a HUGE (capital letters) spectrum of colors. The quality is very good and shade selection is Uh-may-zing! They have almost every color that you can wish for. I have 12 shades of this […]

Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Lacquer : 10 Hibiscus Red ~ Review, Swatch

  Kiko is definitely a brand to watch out for, a must try brand for any nailpolish lover. The shade range is insane and quality top notch! My love for Kiko Milano is already expressed in many posts (HERE), and I have many more nailpolish from Kiko still to review. In this post I am […]

Kiko Milano Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer : 70 Pearly Dark Vermillion ~ Review & Swatch

  If you don’t know Kiko Milano by now, you have been living under a rock. They have a HUGE selection of makeup and nail polishes in both budget and high end price range, and in all the colors you can imagine. I have reviewed a gorgeous lipstick HERE and a few nailpolishes HERE. In […]

Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Lacquer : 24 Magenta ~ Review, Swatch

    I have expressed my love for Kiko Milano nailpolish in many posts (HERE), and I have many more nailpolish from Kiko yet to review. In this post I am reviewing a super vibrant color from their Power Pro collection- Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Lacquer in shade 24 ‘Magenta’. With winters in its last […]

Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer : 90 Multicolour Mauve ~ Review & Swatch

Kiko has an amazing nail polish collection, both in low price range and high range and I own a few Kiko Milano nail polish (Haul post HERE). The shade selection in every range is vast. Kiko Milano keeps launching new makeup collection every now and then and last year added a few shades to its […]

Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer – 530 Pearly Blue Peacock: Review & Swatch

  Kiko is now my favorite nailpolish brand available in India. The quality of Kiko Milano nail polish is top notch and the shade selection is huge. If you enter Kiko Milano store you will definitely find the color you’re looking for. Besides nailpolish, Kiko also has a vast makeup section. I have the Kiko […]

Kiko Milano Holographic Nailpolish : 001 ~ Review & Swatch

  Kiko Milano is currently my favorite nailpolish brand and I have hoarded so many nailpolish over time (Haul post HERE :P). Kiko Milano keeps launching new collections and the Holographic collection was launched quite sometime back. I have reviewed the shade ‘004‘ previously in THIS post and recently I came across this silver shade […]

Kiko Power Pro Special Nail Lacquer : 94 Mermaid Pink ~ Review & Swatch

  Kiko has an amazing nail polish collection and it keeps launching new limited edition makeup range every now and then. So after the Glitter Metal range and Holographic range of nailpolish, I am reviewing the recently launched Power Pro Special Nail lacquer collection in the shade 94 Mermaid Pink. Only two colors were launched […]

Kiko Glitter Metal Nail Lacquer: 002 Review & Swatch

  I am a big fan of Kiko products, particularly their nailpolish which are amazing. I have many Kiko nailpolish (a part of which are shown HERE). Glitter Metal was a limited edition collection and I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful shade when I saw it. Kiko Glitter metal in shade 002 is […]