Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer – 530 Pearly Blue Peacock: Review & Swatch


Kiko is now my favorite nailpolish brand available in India. The quality of Kiko Milano nail polish is top notch and the shade selection is huge. If you enter Kiko Milano store you will definitely find the color you’re looking for. Besides nailpolish, Kiko also has a vast makeup section. I have the Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte lipstick (reviewed HERE), which is one of my fav matte formulations. You can check the other products I picked  in my Haul Post HERE.

In this post I’m reviewing Kiko nail lacquer in shade 530 (Pearly Blue Peacock), which my absolute fav color and if I had to pick one nailpolish for life, this color would be it.


Price: Rs 290 for 11 ml

Expiry: 3 years


Kiko Nail Lacquer 530 Pearly Blue Peacock Review

  • Kiko Milano nail lacquer comes in cuboidal packaging with long black  cap.
  • Shade number is written at the back on the peel off sticker booklet. Kiko doesnot write shade names, but only numbers on their products. I picked the shade name for this nailpolish from their official website.
  • The brush is long and decent, not very thin not thick. It picks enough nailpolish for one coat application.
  • Kiko Nail lacquer 530 Pearly Blue Peacock is  gorgeous peacock blue color with gold and green shimmer. The shimmer reflects the light beautifully in direct light/ flash, and the swatches do not do justice to the beauty.
  • Consistency of this nail lacquer is neither thick, nor runny and pigmentation is decent, goes opaque in 2-3 coats.
  • Kiko nail polishes are quick drying and you dont have to wait much before applying coats (if you apply thin coats)
  • Shade 530 Pearly Blue Peacock is a one its kind color and you will probably not find exact shade in other brands. The shade reminds of water and mermaids. Some other mermaid-y blue shades I have reviewed are : Kiko Milano nail lacquer 521Nykaa Unicorn Potion Nail Enamel Mystical Mermaid
  • Wear time is 4-5 days without chipping, which is impressive.
  • Pricewise the nail lacquer is not expensive and the quantity is big. However, availability might be an issue as Indian stores donot stock this range now.
  • If you love blue nails, definitely DEFINITELY check this shade if you can.











xoxo, Blossom 🙂



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