Maybelline Colorshow Gold Digger nail polish ~ Gold Gluttony 905: Review & Swatch

Maybelline gold digger


Maybelline has an entire range on gold themed nail colors: Gold Digger Collection, and I am reviewing a stunning top coat from this range ~ Gold Gluttony 905

I have reviewed the first two shades in the pic above HERE and HERE

Price: Rs 145

gold gluttony nail polish maybelline


Gold Gluttony is a transparent nail polish with chunks of gold flakes of different sizes. This is a top coat and looks great on both light as well as dark base colors. This is a no-fuss nail polish which can take your manicure up a notch in no time.

It comes in classic Colorshow packaging: cylindrical transparent bottle with black cap and name engraved on top. The brush is decent but not great. I think the brush could have been wider to pick such chunky gold leaves effectively. Sometimes, I am left with only 1-2 gold specks in one coat and so have to place the gold flakes individually on each nail. Also, using multiple coats to load up on the bling makes it gloopy and slow to dry.

Other than that, it is a great nail polish to bling up the manicure. I always wanted a nailpolish like this- gold chunky leaf glitter, and this one is a great budget option to have.

Being a glitter nailpolish, its removal is quite a pain. You can remove such glitter polishes easily using the method I use HERE



maybelline gold gluttony price


maybelline gold digger gold gluttony price


gold gluttony nail polish


gold gluttony maybelline


colorshow gold gluttony


colorshow gold digger gold gluttony swatch








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