Maybelline Colorshow Gold Digger ~ Oh-My-Gold! 904 : Review & Swatch

Maybelline gold digger


Maybelline launched Gold Digger Collection in their Colorshow nail polish a while back. I will be reviewing a few of their shades in a series of posts. I had reviewed a beautiful top coat from this range- Bling Thing 902 earlier and here I am reviewing a gorgeous silvery gold color from this range ~ Oh-My-Gold! 904.


oh my gold maybelline


Price: Rs 145

Oh-My-Gold 904 is silvery gold nail polish with gold specks and glitter. The golden glitter and specks get masked by the silvery polish which gives a muted shimmer effect to the whole look, which I love!  This is a metallic nail polish, which is neither silver nor golden, but somewhere in between.

One coat is opaque enough, but I apply 2 coats anyways. It dries fairly quick.

The glitter and golden specks are not too out there and gives a beautiful diffused shine.

The packaging is standard packaging of their Colorshow nailpolish. It comes in cylindrical glass bottlewith black cap. The shade name is engraved on top of the cap. The brush is decent and picks enough nailpolish for one coat. The glitter in this nailpolish remain suspended and does not settle down at the bottom of the bottle. The glitter does not tug and the nail polish settles into a smooth finish.

I am right handed, so my polishes start to chip early on my right hand. I could see minor tip wear from this polish starting next day on my right hand (which happens with almost ALL the nailpolishes) and proper chipping in 4 days. But nail polish on my left hand stayed put for 5 days (!),  and so I am impressed with the staying power of this polish.

Oh My God 904 being glitter nailpolish, its removal can be quite a pain, especially if you layer this polish a lot. You can remove such glitter polishes easily using the method I use HERE


oh my gold



oh my gold maybelline


oh my gold maybelline swatch


maybelline colorshow oh my gold


maybelline gold digger oh my gold


maybelline oh my gold swatch


maybelline oh my gold


maybelline oh my gold nail polish


Overall, Oh-My-Gold 904 is a beautiful silvery-gold color with muted shimmer and specks which gives a beautiful overall diffused shine. If you wear metallic colors like silver and gold, do check this one out. I love this shade and will definitely repurchase it.:)





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