BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream : Review

Bblunt climate control anti frizz leave in cream

I always wanted to try BBlunt products whenever I spotted them in Westside or New U. My hair being frizzy almost 360 days in a year ( counting 5 good hair days! ), I was more than happy to try this product. BBlunt products are especially created for Indian hair type and weather conditions. Here is my take on this product.

What it claims:

This versatile cream ensures your hair looks great, however hot, dry or humid it gets out there.

It enhances natural movement, smoothens and leaves you in charge, whatever the weather.

Specially created for Indian hair.

Protects from the environment and heat styling damage.


How to use:

Works best on damp, towel dried hair. Take a small quantity into your palms. Apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths & ends, keeping away from the scalp. Style as desired.


Price: Rs 450 for 150g


Bblunt anti frizz cream review


Bblunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream review

BBlunt Climate control Anti frizz cream comes in an opaque, black shaped plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. There is a rotating on-off mode on the pump dispenser, so there is no unwanted spillage. The bottle is sturdy and travel friendly.

The cream is white in color with creamy consistency. It is neither too liquid nor too thick, just enough creamy to spread properly. The fragrance is amazing but it doesn’t last long. It lingers for about half an hour on my hair.

I use a coin sized amount (2 pumps) for my mid waist length hair. I apply the cream on damp, towel dried hair. Upon drying, it makes my hair really smooth and reduces frizz for most of the day. It is also easier to detangle and comb the hair after using this product. It makes my hair look sleek and manageable. This cream doesn’t weigh down the hair but if you apply too much of the product, it will make the hair feel heavy and oily. The anti frizz effect stays for 4-5 hours, so if you apply this product in morning, your hair will not remain frizz free by night. As the effect lasts for less than a day, the product needs to be applied again the next morning. I use the product on dry hair as well, using lesser quantity and applying mainly on fly-aways and the ends.

The product claims to be heat protective, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to using this alone without my heat protecting lotion before straightening/ styling my hair. But the heat protecting feature is always an added benefit!


Bblunt anti frizz leave in cream



Bblunt anti frizz cream



Bblunt leave in cream anti frizz


Bblunt Anti frizz leave in cream review


Overall, this product makes the hair sleek, smooth, manageable and frizz free for 4-5 hours. It doesn’t make the hair greasy if applied in moderate quantity. It also helps in detangling the hair. The fragrance is amazing but it doesn’t last long. I wish the anti-frizz effect lasted longer. This product is available in a smaller packaging as well, so one can try that before buying the bigger bottle.

Visit BBLUNT for more information HERE





*Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for review.



2 thoughts on “BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream : Review

  1. Hi Blossom 😀

    How r u? Enjoying your new married life? 😉

    Blossom my hair type is oily, should I go for this product? Or is there any other product that you can suggest me?


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