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Nowadays almost everything can be bought online. There are like a thousand shopping sites where you can order and get the stuff delivered at your doorstep. Because of the convenience online shopping offers combined with a huge collection and prompt delivery, I have started to shop online A LOT these days (Much to my mother’s annoyance as she has to receive the package everytime 😀 ). I have already reveiwed Jabong and Quikr on the blog and this time I am reviewing

limeroad screenshot is one of its own e-commerce website in India. They have a huge collection of a variety of things- from apparel to jewellery, from home decor, kitchen & dining to bath and linen. Their collection is refreshing and different from other major shopping sites. But the major thing which makes stand out from the myriad of other online shopping sites is its scrapbook feature. It lets its users to create fashion collages and share among their friends. With the scrapbooking feature, a whole look can be created using various products on the site which is really helpful in deciding how the product will look or the ways a product can be styled.



My shopping experience with is easy to browse. It has different categories for every department and everything is sorted neatly on the website. The website is clean and clutter free.

I have mixed reviews for this shopping site. I will start with what I ordered. I wanted to check out the products from apparel, jewellery and kitchen stuff. The collection is new and refreshing but the brands are less known. They should include more brands especially well known ones  from mid-high price range. I have shopped from three categories – Apparel, jewellery and kitchen tableware.

1. Apparel–  Black sequined Tshirt

black tshirt


I placed an order for this Tshirt and I was informed about the status of the order at each step via email and text. It was delivered within two days. However, when I opened the package to try the Tshirt for fitting, the color of the tshirt looked faded and not like the pic shown on their website. Also, it smelled weirdly- stale and naphthalene balls types. New clothes should smell fresh but this one was weird. I had an issue with the size and I liked the Tshirt but the color difference and the stale smell was off-putting. Therefore, I had to return it and now I am apprehensive for buying another apparel as most of the brands on this site are not well-known.

Status: Returned for Quality issues


2. Jewellery– Earrings


I fell in love with these danglers the moment I saw them. So, I immediately placed an order for these. I placed an order on June 14th and the estimated delivery was 4-6 days. I kept waiting for the earrings only to receive a mail on 23rd (after 9 days) that the order has been cancelled. However, the refund process was hassle-free. Since I liked the product a lot I tried to place the order again, only to find the product is no longer there on their website.

Status: Order cancelled due to operational issues.


3. Kitchen tableware – Soup spoons


soup spoons


I wanted to buy spoons and so I browsed their Kitchen section. They have a huge collection of kitchen ware and it looks pretty good. However, they didn’t mention the size of the spoons which could have been helpful. So, I had to follow my instincts in deciding the size. The spoons came nicely bubble wrapped in bright green packaging. The order was delivered in two days.


Overall, I have mixed reviews for shopping at The collection is refreshing and they have a wide range of products. The scrapbooking feature is innovative and helpful. They keep the users well-informed about the status of the order via email. The products are properly packed and delivered on time. Returns are hassle free. But there is a need to incorporate more brands especially widely known ones. Also, they should look into the quality of products they deliver.




2 thoughts on “My Shopping experience with

  1. I have always thought to shop from limeroad. There is this cute dress that I like, but after your ‘not so good experience’ with Limeroad, I doubt that I’ll buy that dress from this site because I personally don’t like the hassle of returning the item but I like their “Buy this Look”. They are simply amazing.


  2. Hey Aksh. You absolutely go forward and try this product. My experience may be seller based. And if you don’t like the product, you can always return it. The returns are completely hassle free. I placed a request for return in night and it was picked up by next afternoon itself. I suggest you buy the dress. Some products on the site are so hard to resist 😀


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