Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Spellbound : Review & Swatch

Street wear launched these super affordable lipsticks a while back in a vibrant range of shades and I have a few Streetwear Color Rich Ultra moist lipsticks with me. Instead of clubbing them all in one post, I will do a detailed post for each shade. In this post I am reviewing Spell Bound – a beautiful earthy rose color which will suit most Indian skintone.

streetwear lipstick spell bound


Price: Rs 180



These lipsticks come in cute packaging featuring pop art. The lid is transparent through which the color of bullet can be seen. The shade name is written at the bottom. But I hate that these lipsticks don’t swivel down all the way and some part peeks out of the bullet. This will definitely lead to nicks and cuts on the lipstick while you put the lid on, no matter how careful you are 😦



Spellbound is a beautiful rose pink color with brownish undertones. It looks like a brown lipstick when you look at the bullet but it transforms into a beautiful earthy rose color on the lips. It is a natural pink-brown color which does not look too out there. This is a great color for everyday office wear and it will suit many skin tones. It will work across different age groups as well, especially those who like soft, natural colors. I gave this lipstick to my mother and she loves the color. This shade is neither too bright nor too dull – just the perfect subtle shade.

These lipsticks smell of vanilla which reminds me of MAC lipsticks. The texture is smooth and creamy and very comfortable to wear. It doesnot feel too heavy or too drying. The pigmentation is sheer on first coat but can be built up. It lasts 3-4 hours on me without meals after which it leaves a soft pink stain.

These lipsticks offer great quality for such cheap price (Rs 180). You are definitely getting your money’s worth, especially when these days even drugstore brands are charging huge price for lipsticks. With a great variety to choose from, college girls or makeup newbies should definitely check them out.


streetwear color rich ultramoist lipstick spell bound



streetwear spell bound



streetwear spellbound lipstick swatch review


This may look brownish in swatch but it transforms into beautiful brown-pink shade on lips.


streetwear ultra moit lipstick spell bound swatch

This lipstick does not swivel all the way down and this much lipstick always peeks out of the tube


streetwear spellbound lipstick swatchLeft one is bare lips and right one is Spell Bound

streetwear lipstick spellbound review

streetwear lipstick spellbound


Overall, for the price they come in, these lipsticks are a real steal! They offer very good quality for such drugstore brand. They will specially attract college girls. Spellbound is a beautiful natural earthy pink. If you like such natural, everyday color, do check this one out.



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