Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner: First Impression

garnier fructis triple nutrition shampoo and conditioner

Hi everyone

I have never written about my hair or anything hair related on the blog before. That is because my hair is my most neglected part. The thing is, I usually don’t give much attention to my hair unless I am going to a party (or a date 😛 ). I usually tie my hair in a ponytail. I let it loose only when I am having an amazing hair day. On the other hand, my mother has THE BEST hair. Black, super lustrous, silky, straight…you name a quality and she has it. No dye, no chemical treatment, NOTHING.  I wish I had inherited even half her hair qualities. *Sigh*

I have wavy to straight, brown hair. I stay away from chemical treatments. My hair are thin, silky but lacks volume. However my major concern is frizziness these days. Hairfall not a major problem, but still present. I have almost-waist length hair. And whenever I want a quick fix to my unmanageable hair, I straighten them with hair straightener.

So the deal is, I never stick to one shampoo and conditioner. I keep on changing it. As I said, I am not too fussy about my hair.  This time I am trying Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition range. I remember using Garnier Fructis range when I was in school. It used to come in green packaging and had a very fruity fragrance. This shampoo and conditioner combo promises to strengthen and provide nutrition to hair. The range is enriched with the goodness of 3 oils-Coconut, Almond & Olive, each are well known for their hair care properties.

garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner


What it claims:

Nourishes scalp, length and tips with a 3 oil formula. A new foaming formula with an exquisite fragrance gently and perfectly cleanses the hair.

It has 3 nourishing oils-

Coconut oil- Nourishes & makes hair 10X stronger

Almond oil- Restores beautiful shine in your lengths

Olive oil- Binds, repairs and helps reduce split-ends

garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner price


Price: Rs 135 for 175 ml each for shampoo and conditioner

My first impression:

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner come in a bright yellow plastic packaging with flip open button cap. The cap shuts tight making it spill-proof and travel friendly. However, because the packaging is opaque, the quantity of product left in bottle can not be seen.  The fragrance is strong and fruity-floral. The shampoo is pearly white in color and consistency is slightly runny. The conditioner is milky white in color and very creamy in texture. It is actually more creamy than most other conditioners in market.

garnier triple nutrition shampoo


garnier shampoo


garnier fructis shampoo swatch


garnier fructis triple nutrition range


Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner are available at departmental stores and medical shops across the country.

I will be back with a full review soon. Stay tuned 🙂



*Disclaimer: Products sent by brand as part of Happy Hair Challenge.



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