Maybelline Express Finish Nail Enamel – Turquoise Lagoon: Review & Swatch

For one thing I don’t go by the “rules” of fashion linked with the weather…that brights are for spring/summer, dark colors are for winters. I wear any color any time depending on my mood (I am sure we all do). So the other day I was just checking out Maybelline counter when this pretty polish caught my attention. I asked the SA to swatch it on my nail and my feelings for Turquoise came all rushing back. Actually my favorite color keeps changing and this used to be my favorite color all my teen years. I had forgotten how pretty turquoise color is. Turquoise eyeliner looks equally amazing.

maybelline express finish

This color cheers my mood whenever I apply it. Very soothing and cool color. This color is the kind you would want to wear in spring/summer. It will brighten up any outfit.

maybelline nailpolish

Maybelline Express Finish nail polish in Turquoise lagoon is a true vibrant turquoise color. The consistency is opaque and takes 2 coats to build the color. The finish is creamy and glossy. The polish dries up to smoothest of texture on the nails. I mean you wont feel any ridges or bump. You would want to touch your nails all day. Whaat? Nobody does that?! Only I do it?!

The packaging looks chic and sturdy with the shade name written on top of the silver cap. The brush is decent and applies a fair amount in one go. The quantity is sufficient and will last a long time.

Formula is slightly on thicker side, so multiple application can turn streaky and gloopy. 2 coats is sufficient and gives true color. Also, brush strokes may show if you apply thin coat.

Staying power is good. It started to chip after 3-4 days- that too only slight tip wear.

Now coming to the 40 seconds claim, it does dry super fast. Full marks for that. This nailpolish will set before you finish up, adore your nails and close the bottle. Perfect for time crunch situations. I like such fast drying polishes.

Also, the best part for this nailpolish is its hassle-free removal. It takes absolutely no effort in removing this nailpolish. It gets removed with one single swipe of remover. Plus it doesn’t spread and dirty up the skin around nails while removing.

Price: Rs 210 

Quantity: 10 ml

This color is slightly difficult to photograph. It looks minty in sunlight but in reality it is a true bright turquoise color.

maybelline express finish turquoise lagoon


maybelline turquoise lagoon nailpolish


maybelline express finish nailpolish


maybelline express finish turquoise lagoon review


maybelline express finish review


maybelline express finish turquoise lagoon swatch





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