DIY Jewellery: Paper Quilling

quilling jewellery


I love doing crafts in my free time. And I love jewellery… Seriously I have like a gazillion earrings in my stash and I’m still on lookout for more 😀 So one day just for fun I tried my hands on quilling and thought of DIYing some jewellery. That is when I came up with quilled earrings. The first earrings I made were grapes sort of which I used to wear A LOT and got lot of compliments as well 🙂


butterfly quilled earrings


I love bright things, be it clothes or jewellery or just anything. That is why I chose to use bright colors to make these. These will make a good statement piece if you are not wearing too many colors. Plus butterflies are supposed to be bright and full of color, right?


butterfly earrings


This is how it looks. Sorry for the bad lighting.

I have many such DIY jewellery coming up. Stay tuned. 🙂



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