10 Super easy Nail art for Halloween

Hey guys

Happy Halloweeeeeen! This halloween I tell you some nail art designs which you can do even in a hurry while you are dressing up for Halloween parties. They are simple and even a beginner can try it.

1. Mummy nail art:

Draw some random lines using black polish. Draw a thicker strip of black and paint eyes over it. For eyes first make white dots and then draw smaller dot of red on it.

halloween nail art mummy

















2. Bloodshot Eye nail art:

Paint a big dot of blue. Place a black dot inside the blue. Make random lines of red for veins.


3. Wound nail art:

Draw few thick lines using red nailpolish and cross them with black using thin lines.

halloween nails














4. Colorful ghosts nail art:

For eyes, place a few dots closely to make a flower kind of shape and add black and white dot on it. Dot the cheeks and nose. Make mouth and teeth using thin lines.


5. Skull nail art:


6. Ghost nail art:

Paint globs of black for eyes and nose. Add stripes for teeth.

Hallowe'en Nail Art Tutorial Skull Nails


7. Reptile eyes nail art:


8. Ghoul nail art:

Paint 2 dots for eyes and uneven stroke of black for mouth.

















9. Dripping blood nail art

Halloween nail art - Dripping blood


10. Stitch nail art:


Hope you have fun this Halloween 🙂



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