Tutorial: Removing Glitter Nail polish

tutorial glitter polish removal

So, who does not want some sparkle in their life (or their nails). Sure the sparkle in life can be added by the better half (remember when the aunties say…oooh you have a twinkle in ur eyeees… or.. oooh you have a glow on ur faceee… what is the secreeet…tell us, tell us… irritating!! )

But are you among the one who think twice to bring the sparkle to your nails? Are you one such person who loves glitter nail polishes but avoids them altogether ‘coz of the horrors in removing them?

Worry not girls… Blossom to the rescue!  😀

The Colorshow Glitter Mania range that Maybelline launched a couple of months ago brought glitter polishes back in trend. And here’s how you can enjoy flaunting your glittery tips without worrying for the pain-in-the-ass task of removing them.

Now the traditional way of removing nail polish with cotton balls/ pads doesnot work with these. The glitter will shred the cotton and it will take forever to remove polish from one nail only, let alone both hands. I tell you a simple way to remove such nasty polishes (well not simple but it sure does work) =)

Things you need:

glitter removal things needed



1. Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover and place it on your nail. Ensure that it covers the entire nail.

glitter removal


 2. Cover the cotton covered finger with foil

glitter removal foil

3. Repeat for all ten fingers

glitter polish removal

It may get difficult to wrap the fingers in other hand after finishing the ones in first hand with all the foiled tips. I cut the required foil pieces beforehand to make it easier.

4. Hold for 2-3 minutes. By the time you finish with all ten nails, the first nail you wrapped should be done.

5. Remove the foil by swiping the entire thing off your nail. Apply light pressure as you do so.

glitter polish removal method

Most of the glitter should be out

glitter removal cotton

6. A small amount will get left out on the nails. Use the other side of the soaked cotton ball to remove it.

glitter removal

And that’s it. It may look messy or time consuming at first, but believe me it is WAY better and easier than doing it the conventional way with cotton ball.

If you feel you are wasting too much of the remover, use the other side of used cotton to remove nailpolish on your toe nails.

Hope you find it useful 🙂



PS: I am wearing L’Oreal Paris L’Or Sunset Color Riche Le Vernis Glitter (Cannes 2013) Shade 823- Riviere Amethyst here. 


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