My Envy Box July 2014 Edition

I got my July Envy box last week and this month’s box is a mix of skin care and hair care products. Like last month, this month’s box came in lavender colored box. These boxes are sturdy with a magnetic flap. I have become quite a hoarder of these pretty boxes 😀

july envy box

The 5 samples come inside a cloth pouch. I have been getting the orange multi-colored pouch everytime but this month it came in a black pouch with red motifs.

my envy box pouch

 My Envy Box July 2014

july 2014 envy box


1. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair treatment

They gave 3 samples each 10 ml of this. You can give any fancy name but it basically is a Hair oil. The 3 samples will last 3-4 uses on my waist length hair. I have used the sample once and it smells BAD. Not too bad that I want to throw it away in trash though. Most ayurvedic products smell this way. But I must say I saw a remarkable different in one use itself. I face a problem of hairfall every monsoon and this oil actually work wonders on that aspect. It is claimed to work on hairfall, premature greying and faster hair growth.

Full size product: Rs 450 for 100 ml/ Rs 875 for 250 ml

kama ayurvedic bringadi hair treatment


2. Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap free Face cleanser

Another product from the brand, this is a facewash of sorts- only in dry form. They have given a small tub and the quantity is not mentioned. It looks it will last me 3-4 uses. The product is in powder form which is to be mixed with water to make a paste and then applied on skin to remove dirt and grime.

Full size: Rs 295 for 40 grams

kama ayurveda mridul soap free cleanser


3. L’Occitane en Provence Aromachologie Control Styling Prep-Cream

This one is fanciest of the lot. I have never tried this before and I am looking forward to using it. I got 2 sachets of 6 ml each of this product. This is a leave-in cream to manage frizz and dryness. It contains jojoba oil and conditioning guar gum to repair and control the hair.

Full size: Rs 1990 for 200 ml

L'Occitane en provence styling cream


4. Eminence Organics Red currant Balancing concentrate

I have received few other products of this brand in past and they were okayish. This one seems like anti wrinkle cream gel which gives improved skin texture, oil control and nice glow. The sachet is 2 ml in quantity.

Full size: Rs 6413 for 35 ml

eminence red currant concentrate

Eminence Organics Red currant Balancing Concentrate

eminence organics red currant concentrate

5. Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF 50+

Well, this sample got missed by the Envy team as I got only 4 products this time :-/

But I wouldn’t have been excited about this one even if I had got it. I received the same sample in my previous Envy Box and I didn’t like it. Though the sunscreen gives high protection, the damn thing leaves a whitish cast. The greasiness is another woe.

Avene sunscreen

Avene My envy box

Eau Themale Avene

July 2014 My envy box

This month the sample size are decent especially Kama product. It was thoughtful of them to give 3 samples for oil. But I would have liked if it contained more of skin care products and some perfume sample. Last month’s Envy Box got me more excited. Plus the missing sample is not somethimg to look forward to. Anyhoo, I have mixed feelings for this one. Hope next month’s box is better. Also, more products of L’Occitane please!


Blossom 🙂

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