My Envy Box: June 2014 Edition

The folks at Envy Box bring a smile on my face  when I read their message on my phone in the morning- “The Javas staff will attempt delivery of your MY ENVY BOX order today”.. *Me  happy-sleeping-smiling* 🙂

My Envy Box is an Indo-French luxury box service which contains five trial size beauty products from top international luxury brands and every month they send different products depending on the theme for that month.

This month’s theme is lavender. I love the packaging. The products come wrapped in a cloth bag inside a beautiful and sturdy box with magnetic lid. The box itself will make you happy if you are getting it for the first time.

Envy Box june-1


envy box

These are the contents in this month’s Envy Box

Envy box june-2


1. Innisfree Nail polish (Full Size product)

This is a beautiful but difficult color to describe. Think of it as cross between grey and pastel blue and then pastel-ify it some more. The finish is glossy and goes opaque in 2 coats. This will work as a great base color for nail art enthusiasts. Me likes. Plus I didn’t have any grey color in my stash so this came at the perfect time. The product being full-sized is added bonus.

innisfree envy box 3


2. Skin Yoga Foot Scrub (50g)

I have used the orange almond face scrub from this brand and I LOVE every bit of it. They gave it as a sample in April Envy Box. This Coconut Sea Salt foot scrub looks as promising as its brother and the quantity will last me easy 4-5 uses. It smells of coconut and you can actually see the coconut flakes in this scrub.

envy box 33


3. Thalgo Exfoliator (5 ml)

This is a tiny tube which will last 2-3 uses. The texture is not gritty and it smells minty. Anything mint-fragrance has such cooling effect in hot Delhi weather. Lets see how it fares.


Thalgo envy box 31


4. Kronokare Body Lotion (35 ml)

This is a lavender body lotion and the quantity is decent for a sample. I don’t like lavender fragrance as such but I really like this one. It is SLS and paraben free. It moisturizes my combination-dry skin pretty well. I always carry a moisturizer with me and it is the perfect size to fit in my bag.

envy box 34


5. Nina Ricci perfume (1.5 ml)

I have saved the best for the last. This is the star product in this box for me. The fragrance is Uh-may-zing. Perfect blend of fruity and floral notes. And did you see the packaging of the full-sized bottle. Total Loouuuv. Somebody gift me this perfume (Mr. A please take notes!).

envy box 32

 My take on June My Envy Box

The Nina Ricci perfume and the full size Innisfree nail polish are my best products in this month’s Envy Box. The quantity of all the products in this month’s box are decent except the Thalgo exfoliator. They give useful cards along which gives the info about the name, price for full size product and description of the product. If you buy the full size version of any of the product sampled in this month’s Envy Box, you can avail 10% discount.

Price: 850 INR

For more info/ booking your Envy Box:


Blossom 🙂


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