Stripe nail art using Maybelline colorshow

Maybelline colorshow nail polishes are such a rave these days, and I couldn’t help but pick some shades myself. Here is one nail art I did with a Colorshow nail polish. This one is Orange Fix.

orange fix nail art-1

I did a simple Accent nail art because I didn’t want the beautiful color of this polish to get masked by a full 5 fingers nail art.

I have not used a top coat here.

orange fix nail art-3

I added diagonal stripes on the Accent nail. Pwetty simple. 2 minutes job.

orange fix nail art-2

I am not going to talk about the pretty-ness of this nail polish color. That will follow in a subsequent full fledged review post that these polishes totally deserve.


Blossom 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stripe nail art using Maybelline colorshow

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