Polka dots

Polka dots is the retro-est nail art there can ever be. You say Polka dots and the old Bollywood songs flash in front of your eyes where the actress wore polka dotted dresses and matching hairbands.

This is one of the easiest and the least time-consuming of all nail art. Also, one of my favorites.

green polka-2

I wanted to wear mint color and later decided for glittery black dots.

green polka-3

I have done a similar nail art before. Check it HERE

green polka-4

No dotting tools were used. The dots were made using a toothpick.

The mint green polish used here is Maybelline colorama in shade ‘Absinto’.

The dots are made using Colorbar nail polish in shade ‘Night Fiery’.

Happy painting girls 🙂



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