How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow


Don’t we all hate it when our favorite little colored treasures are crumbled into pieces. Not only it breaks our heart, it also ruin other colors present in the palette. Well worry not sweets,  I tell you a quick way to  fix this.

Things you will need:

– Zip lock pouch/ any clear polythene piece

– Toothpick

– Spoon

– Hand sanitizers/vodka/ rubbing alcohol (I used 70% ethyl alcohol as I have easy access)

– Some tissues to clear the mess

1. Take the broken eyeshadow and empty the contents onto the clear polythene with the help of toothpick. It is better to take the pan out if it is present in a palette.

2. Fold the polythene piece and crush the eyeshadow into powder. Don’t worry messing the crumbled eyeshadow even more. It will only get better in the end.

3. Add a few drops of alcohol to this powder to get a thick paste. Remember not to make it too dilute. The consistency should be thick.

4. Transfer the eyeshadow paste back into the pan with the help of the back end of a spoon.

5. Flatten the top portion or leave it as it is.

6. Let it dry for a few hours until it gets all solid and the alcohol smell goes away.

7. You can flatten it even more using a coin wrapped in fabric.

Tadaa!! Our favorite eyeshadow as good as new 🙂

This method can also be used to fix a broken blush, bronzer or a compact powder.

Hope you find this useful.


Blossom 🙂

(Image Source: Shutterstock)

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