5 Ways to Apply Kohl

Kohl or Kajal is a staple for all Indian women. Our eyes are our best feature. In our teenage years when we girls start taking interest in makeup, it often starts with a kohl and a  gloss. I tell you here the many ways you can line your eyes for various occasions based on how strongly you want to highlight your eyes.

1. The ‘Barely there’ look

thin kajal rimmed eyes

When Kajal is applied in this way, it defines your eyes. I know some girls who don’t like a jet black, and ‘too obvious’ looking kohl. If you fall in the same category, this look is for you. Yes, ex-roommate I am talking to you!

To apply the kohl in this way, tug your lower lashline down and line it on the inner side, the waterline. Keep it within the lash line.

It is also applied this way when you are lining your upper lash line heavily and don’t want the smokey look.

2.The Evenly thick look

thick eyes

This is the everyday look for me, as well as many Indian women. For this, line your waterline and apply it evenly onto the lash line as well. This look makes the eyes appear bigger. Don’t make the line too thick.

3. Cat eye


This is for the bold ones.  For this, extend your kohl upwards while lining your lower lashline. Looks dramatic. Suitable for parties.

4. The Smudged look


This is the softer version of ‘Evenly thick’. Apply kohl on your waterline and smudge the same on your lashline. Do not apply it directly.  I use a Q-tip to smudge it. You can use a smudger or the applicator that comes with most eyeshadow palettes. This look is used when you want to go the girly and fresh way.

5. Gothic look


This is the boldest of all. For gothic look, line your lower lash line with a thick line of  kohl. Make sure, it is a smudge proof one. You don’t want those panda eyes.  This look is best when you want your eyes to make the statement. Also used in most smokey eye makeup.

Useful tip: To prevent Kajal from bleeding and smudging, apply some compact or pressed powder just below the line of your kajal. You can also set it with a black eyeshadow.

I’ll tell you the different ways for applying Kohl for different eye shapes in another post. Stay tuned 🙂



Disclaimer: All the pictures compiled here have been taken from the internet. If any of the photo belongs to you and you have a problem with it, shoot me a mail and I’ll take it down.

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