Tutorial: Floral nails

Hello lovelies,

Its Tutorial time!! I bring to you another easy peasy tutorial. Remember the Floral nails I did HERE. This the tutorial for same.

Things you need

  • Nail polish of your choice for petals (*I prefer white or pink*)
  • Yellow/ brown nail polish for the center portion
  • Toothpick

Apply your base color and let’s get started!

Step 1

Place a dot on your nail using the back of toothpick.

floral nails 1

Step 2

Make 4 more dots adjacent to it to make the petals.

floral nails 2

Step 3

Using the ‘pointy’ end of toothpick, drag the nail polish from the middle of the petal towards the center of flower.

It will look something like this.

floral nails 3

Step 4

Do this for all 5 petals.

The center portion looks messy but  it’ll cover up in the next step.

floral nails 4

Step 5

Using yellow/ brown nailpolish place a dot in the center of flower.

floral nails 5

Tadaaa…. Floral nail art done!

floral nails 6

Remember NOT to use a super fast drying nail polish for making the petals.

Happy painting girls 🙂



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