Colorbar Heavy Metal Nail Polish : Pink Topaz 006 ~ Review & Swatch

Colorbar Heavy metal nail polish


Colorbar has recently launched a new range of Nail polish- the Heavy Metal Collection. There are seven beautiful shades in this collection and I couldn’t help but pick one shade myself. I bought the shade Pink Topaz 006 and I will be reviewing it here.


This is how Colorbar describes Heavy Metal nail polish

Sparkle like a gemstone wherever you go! Embrace the richness of deep and heavy pearl toned shades that add character to your nails and give that heavy metal effect. The shades reflect the personality of the popular gemstones hand-picked to suit Indian skin types. The stark contrast of the shades against your nails make them look attractive instantly and they look like beautiful gemstones. The formula is intense yet fast-drying with deep intensity of self-pearls and high shine. In just a single stroke your nails are enveloped in irresistible and trend-setting metal shades of the future. What’s more is that the formula has an excellent drying time along with being 3-free, long-lasting, non-yellowing and chip-resistant.


Price: Rs 300 for 9 ml


Colorbar Heavy Metal nail polish comes in a rectangular bottle with shade name sticker on top of the cap.The cap has a colorful wavy art design which is signature to this range. The brush is decent and picks enough nail polish for one stroke application.

Pink Topaz 006 is a beautiful deep onion pink color with pearl finish. This polish is sheer in one coat and it takes 3-4 coats to build to full opacity. Pearl finish nail polish tend to be streaky, but this one is not at all streaky. This nail polish is fast drying, so you do not have to wait much between the coats. The staying power of this nail polish is good. I did not see any tip wear for 3 days and chipping started only after 5 days.

Even though I picked one color (for now ;)), the other shades worth checking out are : Emerald Heights (emerald color), Chrome Sapphire (Yellowish gold) and Garnet mist (maroonish-brown).


Colorbar heavy metal nailpolish


Colorbar heavy metal nail polish pink topaz


Colorbar heavy metal nail polish review


Colorbar heavy metal pink topaz 006


Colorbar heavy metal pink topaz

This nail polish looks more pink in some of the swatches above, but it is more deep and purplish pink in color

Final Thoughts

Heavy Metal range by Colorbar consists of beautiful deep colors with pearl finish.  Pink Topaz 006 is a deep onion pink color with beautiful pearl finish. This nail polish is fast drying and fairly long lasting. Even though the consistency is sheer, the color is buildable in 3-4 coats. Only thing is, it could have been a little cheaper. The quantity is same as the Colorbar Exclusive nail polish range, only they have introduced new colors. Other than that, the formula and color is excellent. I will probably purchase more colors of this range



Zig-Zag Nail Art

zig zag nail art


It has been a long time since I last posted a nail art, and so here I am posting a nail art which has been sitting quietly for many many months in a forgotten folder somewhere in my computer. (Eeeeee!)

This was supposed to be a color block nail art of pink and yellow, but then I added a zig zag line (just like that) with a nail art pen.

My nail art pen went gloopy, that is why there are random black lines here and there :-/

See my other super easy color-block nail art HERE & HERE


pink yellow nail art


zig zag pink nails


zig zag nail art


Hope you like it:)




Maybelline Colorshow Gold Digger ~ Oh-My-Gold! 904 : Review & Swatch

Maybelline gold digger


Maybelline launched Gold Digger Collection in their Colorshow nail polish a while back. I will be reviewing a few of their shades in a series of posts. I had reviewed a beautiful top coat from this range- Bling Thing 902 earlier and here I am reviewing a gorgeous silvery gold color from this range ~ Oh-My-Gold! 904.


oh my gold maybelline


Price: Rs 145

Oh-My-Gold 904 is silvery gold nail polish with gold specks and glitter. The golden glitter and specks get masked by the silvery polish which gives a muted shimmer effect to the whole look, which I love!  This is a metallic nail polish, which is neither silver nor golden, but somewhere in between.

One coat is opaque enough, but I apply 2 coats anyways. It dries fairly quick.

The glitter and golden specks are not too out there and gives a beautiful diffused shine.

The packaging is standard packaging of their Colorshow nailpolish. It comes in cylindrical glass bottlewith black cap. The shade name is engraved on top of the cap. The brush is decent and picks enough nailpolish for one coat. The glitter in this nailpolish remain suspended and does not settle down at the bottom of the bottle. The glitter does not tug and the nail polish settles into a smooth finish.

I am right handed, so my polishes start to chip early on my right hand. I could see minor tip wear from this polish starting next day on my right hand (which happens with almost ALL the nailpolishes) and proper chipping in 4 days. But nail polish on my left hand stayed put for 5 days (!),  and so I am impressed with the staying power of this polish.

Oh My God 904 being glitter nailpolish, its removal can be quite a pain, especially if you layer this polish a lot. You can remove such glitter polishes easily using the method I use HERE


oh my gold



oh my gold maybelline


oh my gold maybelline swatch


maybelline colorshow oh my gold


maybelline gold digger oh my gold


maybelline oh my gold swatch


maybelline oh my gold


maybelline oh my gold nail polish


Overall, Oh-My-Gold 904 is a beautiful silvery-gold color with muted shimmer and specks which gives a beautiful overall diffused shine. If you wear metallic colors like silver and gold, do check this one out. I love this shade and will definitely repurchase it.:)





Maybelline Colorshow Gold Digger ~ Bling Thing 902 : Review & Swatch

Maybelline launched Gold Digger Collection in their Colorshow nail polish a while back and I will be reviewing a few of their shades in a series of posts. Here I am reviewing a gorgeous top coat from this range ~ Bling Thing 902.


Maybelline colorshow bling thing


Price: Rs 145

Bling Thing 902 is transparent nail polish with confetti of glitters. It consists of black and gold glitter in 3 sizes- small dot sized, medium hexagons and big chunky golden hexagonal. The big hexagons have holographic effect. One coat is sufficient to apply on top of another nail polish color, but you can apply two coats as well if you want to go overboard with the glitter and bling. In the photos below, I have applied 2 coats on my index finger and 1 coat on the rest.

The packaging is standard packaging of their Colorshow nailpolish. It comes in cylindrical glass bottle with black cap. The shade name is engraved on top of the cap. The brush is decent and picks up enough glitter to be applied in 1 coat. This nail polish is loaded with the glitters which remain suspended and does not settle down at the bottom of the bottle. The glitter does not tug and the nail polish settles into a smooth finish.

This is one funky confetti nail polish which can jazz up your nails in no time.

Read about another great Confetti nailpolish HERE

Being a glitter nailpolish, its removal is quite a pain. You can remove such glitter polishes easily using the method I use HERE


Maybelline colorshow gold digger bling thing 902


Maybelline colorshow gold digger bling thing swatch


maybelline colorshow gold digger bling thing


Maybelline colorshow gold digger



maybelline colorshow nail polish price


maybelline gold digger bling thing swatch


maybelline gold digger swatch


Overall, this is a great funky confetti nail polish which isn’t too expensive.You can use this nailpolish for some instant nail art. The holographic hexagonal looks super pretty. I will definitely repurchase it when it gets over:)





Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balm : Mixed- Berry, Cherry, Orange ~ Review, Swatch

Maybelline candy wow cherry review

Tinted lip balms have always been my thing. Even after my marriage, I don’t apply lipsticks daily. I always go for tinted lip balms. Whenever there is a new tinted balm in market, I HAVE to try it. Maybelline has always been a favorite for their Baby lips ever since they first launched the tinted variant.  They have recently introduced  Candy Wow Baby Lips and I was quite excited to try these. I have 3 shades with me- Orange, Cherry and Mixed Berry.


Price: Rs 275 for 2 g


Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Review


Mixed- Berry: Cool toned pink color  (Raspberry shade is warm toned pink)

Orange: warm toned orange color

Cherry: Semi sheer cherry red color, most pigmented of the lot, leaves a beautiful stain, will suit every skin tone.


These lip balm come in brightly colored twist up crayon packaging. The color of the tube is matched with the color of the lip balm so it is easier to identify. The fonts on the Lip balm tube are ultra cute. It is a chubby lip balm with retractable, rounded tip. The cap is not very tight but so far I have had no issue of them coming off while travelling.

The lip balms have very smooth and buttery consistency. They are moisturizing,  highly glossy with good color pay-off. They are like sheer lipsticks, only a notch higher on the moisturizing front. The color is sheer which can be intensified by applying 2-3 coats. They leave a mild stain on the lips which intensifies when you reapply the lip balm, especially Cherry flavor. They are not super moisturizing and won’t heal your chapped lips magically overnight. But these are amazing for daily wear if you want a hint of color on your lips.  The wear time is about 2-2.5 hours on my lips, after which I need to reapply the lip balm.

The fragrance is amazing and not over powering. They have individual fragrance based to the shade name.


One thing I don’t like is the quantity. They have reduced the quantity and increased the price. Also, I feel the lip balm ‘melts’ inside the tube especially in hot weather as one can see messiness on the crayon stick and also it shifts side ways while you twist it up. So, I don’t twist it up all the way when this happens as it may break.

You can see the ‘melting’ of the stick in the pics below.


Maybelline Baby lips cherry\


Maybelline candy wow lip balm


Maybelline Candy wow lip balm swatch


Overall, the bright, colorful packaging and the chubby pencil design of the lip balm is very attractive. These are highly glossy, decently moisturizing with good color pay-off for a lip balm. But don’t depend on these for long term hydration and healing as they stay for 2-2.5 hours. Also, the quantity is less and the price is higher than regular Baby Lips lip balm. But, I am so in love with these Lip balms that I wear them daily for work and I will definitely repurchase these cuties. =)




BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream : Review

Bblunt climate control anti frizz leave in cream

I always wanted to try BBlunt products whenever I spotted them in Westside or New U. My hair being frizzy almost 360 days in a year ( counting 5 good hair days! ), I was more than happy to try this product. BBlunt products are especially created for Indian hair type and weather conditions. Here is my take on this product.

What it claims:

This versatile cream ensures your hair looks great, however hot, dry or humid it gets out there.

It enhances natural movement, smoothens and leaves you in charge, whatever the weather.

Specially created for Indian hair.

Protects from the environment and heat styling damage.


How to use:

Works best on damp, towel dried hair. Take a small quantity into your palms. Apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths & ends, keeping away from the scalp. Style as desired.


Price: Rs 450 for 150g


Bblunt anti frizz cream review


Bblunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream review

BBlunt Climate control Anti frizz cream comes in an opaque, black shaped plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. There is a rotating on-off mode on the pump dispenser, so there is no unwanted spillage. The bottle is sturdy and travel friendly.

The cream is white in color with creamy consistency. It is neither too liquid nor too thick, just enough creamy to spread properly. The fragrance is amazing but it doesn’t last long. It lingers for about half an hour on my hair.

I use a coin sized amount (2 pumps) for my mid waist length hair. I apply the cream on damp, towel dried hair. Upon drying, it makes my hair really smooth and reduces frizz for most of the day. It is also easier to detangle and comb the hair after using this product. It makes my hair look sleek and manageable. This cream doesn’t weigh down the hair but if you apply too much of the product, it will make the hair feel heavy and oily. The anti frizz effect stays for 4-5 hours, so if you apply this product in morning, your hair will not remain frizz free by night. As the effect lasts for less than a day, the product needs to be applied again the next morning. I use the product on dry hair as well, using lesser quantity and applying mainly on fly-aways and the ends.

The product claims to be heat protective, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to using this alone without my heat protecting lotion before straightening/ styling my hair. But the heat protecting feature is always an added benefit!


Bblunt anti frizz leave in cream



Bblunt anti frizz cream



Bblunt leave in cream anti frizz


Bblunt Anti frizz leave in cream review


Overall, this product makes the hair sleek, smooth, manageable and frizz free for 4-5 hours. It doesn’t make the hair greasy if applied in moderate quantity. It also helps in detangling the hair. The fragrance is amazing but it doesn’t last long. I wish the anti-frizz effect lasted longer. This product is available in a smaller packaging as well, so one can try that before buying the bigger bottle.

Visit BBLUNT for more information HERE





*Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for review.



Pair up the Right Footwear to have a Smooth Wedding Ceremony!


Wedding is once in a lifetime event that doesn’t take place again and again; it is once and forever!
And to make very inch of this D- Day special, a bride is ought to buy the best of things offered to her. After getting your dream wedding lehenga stitched, there arrives the need to look for the perfect footwear that goes in sync with the lehenga! You can very easily explore best online lehenga and footwear options present at IndiaRush.


Choosing good footwear is not only important for adding the best to the bride’s overall look on the wedding day, but also from the point of view of her comfort on such a hectic day! If her shoes are not cozy, then she can’t be seated comfortable during different ceremonies. Given below are the guidelines to make the best choice of shoes:-


  1. The intricate embroidery work and heavy fabric make the bridal lehenga extremely heavy. And to support such a hefty lehenga, you must avoid wearing strappy heels. These will not be able to support you firmly in carrying the entire weight, throughout all the functions.




  1. Go on wearing solid color pumps having gold or neutral beige shade with your red Bollywood lehenga ! Both gold and beige colours possess a beautiful quality of matching the demand of every lehenga, irrespective of its colour. And pumps are believed to provide better support to the bride in managing her lehenga!




  1. If you have got a lehenga stitched that has a lot of borders, then you shall definitely opt for classy ankle strap stilettos, which will look uber cool with the lehenga and will give you a chic stylish edge! Be the bride with a difference!




  1. If you choose to wear a multicolor lehenga choli, then keep strictly sticking to metallic gold or silver coloured shoes, depending on the work of your lehenga. It’s always better to play a safe game, rather than making a big goof up on such an important day!




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